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@jay Look, it was a crime that you weren't following me before, but I'll wave the fines because you're too cute

We have and , but I propose a new weekly holiday:

I'll start by saying that I am thankful for all of the wonderful new friends that I have made here. You've taught me a ton about myself, and have brightened my day more times than you know. Thank you :bowie_heart:

For those of you who don't have multiple phone numbers, the number that you used to sign up on job websites and fill out applications with is the number that scammers have. I suggest using any phone app to get multiple numbers so your personal number will not get scam and spam calls.

techbros: CSS isn't a real programming language, anyone can do it

same techbros: Arrgghh, I hate working with CSS, I can never get it to do what I want

So I know that I need to practice a lot on drawing.

But beyond that, I'd love if anyone has any good tips or resources, like graphic guides or videos for drawing skills.

One of the new trains in the Stockholm region is not named after a historical Swedish person.

@Ope Thanks for the follow, I enjoy your bearish rumblings!


This was already fairly washed out with the dark bark and bright sun out

I finally downloaded the Telegram desktop app at the urging of some of the cuties here. Gotta say, this app is a lot slicker than any other chat app that I use. Kinda wish I had a fedi app like this.

mh (-) 

Is it ok to say that sometimes you feel emotionally exhausted but still want to be good to people?

If it was the nature of humanity to kill itself, we'd have been wiped out a long time ago.

But it seems like white people seem to believe that the incredible breadth of humankind behaves, thinks and acts just like them, which is just arrogant hubris.

Most cultures in the world aren't dedicated to their own destruction like whiteness is and it is straight up delusional to even consider this a reasonable point of view.

Humanity will find a way to move on while whiteness eats itself.

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FACT: 02/12/2020 is the last date in our calendar system that can be written in mm/dd/yyyy format using 02 for the month, 12 for the day, and 2020 for the year! Enjoy it while it lasts!!

Can't remember the word for this. 

There is a psychological phenomina where people who are close to someone idealogically but are percieved to have made a mistake or failing can recieve a disproportionate amount of criticism; especially when compared to those more diserving of the same criticism.

As if people who are close but not quite equivalent to us on an idealogical spectrum are somehow more dissapointing to us than our idealogical opposites.

What is this called?

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