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hey snouts do y'all know any people who are good at a/v stuff that might want to go to ANE for free/have a free stay at the hotel? DM me! I know it's a long shot but we just had a staff member let us know that they won't be able to make it

i feel awful today and if you have stuff that might cheer up a possum who just got bad news i'd be v thankful

From birdsite 

Artist residency here in #NYC!

Residency Dates: May 4 - August 1, 2020

RTs and sharing appreciated!

Chaotic neutral: Posting under #MastoMonday on a Wednesday and also not from Mastodon

Beginner's guide to sharing links 

Turns out bronies and bernie bros are not the same thing

my "irl name"? oh, you mean my worksona

friends don’t send friends links with utm codes at the end. delete that shit dawg

Highway construction near my house has been making it vibrate for the past week. A picture fell off the wall in my office. By some magic, the one picture to fall was the one immediately above a dog bed that was thankfully unoccupied. No broken glass!

From birdsite 

From birdsite 

things that are queer culture:

unconditional love and support
looking good
being nice to plants and animals
minding your own business

@hyperlink @Proxy @fakemaxkeeble I love hosting parties for good friends. Good tips here! Invite me to your next party so I can be that friend who loves to bake and make something crazy

PSA: aces and aros are lgbtq+, even heteroromantic/heterosexual ones :heart_sp_ace:

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