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How much exercise does it take to burn off those Thanksgiving calories? 

Linguistics Merch Gift Guide 2019

Looking for gift ideas for a linguist or linguistics enthusiast? Want to help people buy you gifts? #linguistics

Sincere Post:

Y’all keeping me full up on Good Boy Content on this day of thanks. Thank you, fediverse

At a thanksgiving gathering and someone said, β€œstinky boy!”

Then I realized that they were talking to one of the dogs and not me.

I feel like roasting gamers 

Buy less shit, use your stuff longer, give away what you don't need, don't talk so much, do something nice for someone here and there and don't be a dick.

Tim Berners-Lee is at it again with his Contract For The Web.

@aral will get a laugh from the supporters.

heyo get you some cool computer pins

US$8 each + US$5 flat-rate international shipping for up to 10 pins

DM me for paypal details, and order soon if you want to get them in time for the holidays!

My buddies over at @[email protected] are giving away copies of my new book "Using the WordPress REST API".

#wordpress #rest #php

seeking LGBT friendly therapist in MA 

From birdsite 

I'm still taking applications to be your supportive older brother. Inquire within.

There are two tabs inside you. Both are frozen and playing audio.

From birdsite 

From birdsite 

From birdsite 

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