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How much exercise does it take to burn off those Thanksgiving calories? 

NOPE - live your damn life without apology

Linguistics Merch Gift Guide 2019

Looking for gift ideas for a linguist or linguistics enthusiast? Want to help people buy you gifts? #linguistics

Sincere Post:

Y’all keeping me full up on Good Boy Content on this day of thanks. Thank you, fediverse

At a thanksgiving gathering and someone said, β€œstinky boy!”

Then I realized that they were talking to one of the dogs and not me.

I feel like roasting gamers 

Looking back on this period of time from a post-capitalist society, it's going to be seen as a sign of a depressed and entirely enslaved society that people took to replacing their personalities with brands and with what media they consumed and defined themselves by it and prided themselves on it.

Buy less shit, use your stuff longer, give away what you don't need, don't talk so much, do something nice for someone here and there and don't be a dick.

Tim Berners-Lee is at it again with his Contract For The Web.

@aral will get a laugh from the supporters.

heyo get you some cool computer pins

US$8 each + US$5 flat-rate international shipping for up to 10 pins

DM me for paypal details, and order soon if you want to get them in time for the holidays!

My buddies over at are giving away copies of my new book "Using the WordPress REST API".

#wordpress #rest #php

seeking LGBT friendly therapist in MA 

my therapist that I've seen for almost 5 years is getting kicked out of the practice (lol) so I need to find a new one. I need a sliding scale or something covered by BCBS, I can't afford a full out of pocket thing.

must be LGBT friendly. I'm trans and very gay. (I ended up teaching my therapist a lot) must be versed in anxiety disorders & PTSD.

I'm in Framingham/Natick area but can/will drive.

thank you!!

From birdsite 

RT @tessak22
Oh goodness, I don’t even know how I could choose from that list of places to donate $$$ to. 😍 Go get yourself a @GravityView subscription and donate for yourself!

I'm still taking applications to be your supportive older brother. Inquire within.

From birdsite 

Lots of thoughts about Twitter purging old usernames finally even if it’s hamfisted.

But part or me also wants to get a handle that’s been squatted on unused for like eight years

From birdsite 

ATTENTION USERS OF TWITTER. Did someone who know or know of make the huge mistake of dying before clicking through a 2019 Terms of Service for their twitter account? Do you want to honor their memory? Please fill out this form:

From birdsite 

Apparently @Twitter is going to start deleting accounts with 6 months or more of inactivity starting on December 11th. If that’s the case, what about those who’ve passed away? Their online memories are going to be wiped, just like that? That’s not good.

I'm starting to think that the appeal of sandbox games such as Minecraft under late capitalism lies in the players' encounter with a world where not everything is owned and defined already.
Especially for the majority of people that lives in urban surroundings these days, it may well be the first time they find themselves able to interact with their environment and shape something new.
It's closely related to the art of graffiti, redefining and in doing so appropriating the liminal and / or inaccessible spaces that abound in the urban landscape, such as bridges, tunnels, railroads and streets.

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