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In New Mexico, a scientist is breeding a new kind of chile pepper so it can be picked by a robot. I went out there to understand why, and learned a whole lot about labor, automation and state pride:

Thank you for highlighting this tweet @[email protected] Good thoughts from Joe that help with the post that I'm writing in our weekly blogging group.
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People who use Markdown: Developers.
@[email protected] think everyone uses Markdown: Developers.

If a tutorial for a web platform involves opening a code editor, terminal, or any other command prompt at any time, it is not intended for the average website user and owner, full stop.

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I told @[email protected] that since for 5.3 I am bossing around the WP devs, we will release on time.

To do so we need to test everything, find bugs and squash them.

@[email protected] has supported all the hours I put into this. Make a girl look good and help 34% of the web!

every once in a while I think about this billboard prominently placed on the NJ side of the George Washington Bridge

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We don't need a replay of Steve Jobs

Let's try a new song called "Accessible Funemployment For All"

How? Not magic! It's following and setting the WCAG standards across all Gutenberg blocks.

- all users with mis/disabilities
cc the boss, @[email protected] ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ‘†

wow, so 2 moderators of the public gnu-misc-discuss list added an additional 2 moderators. those 2 new moderators then revoked privileges from the original 2 moderators, and then had the nerve to tell people to be "kind".

The 2 previous moderators were critical of RMS, the 2 new moderators are not.

This looks like a great event!
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FYI- If you are interested in cutting-edge web development, thereโ€™s a great conference coming up here in :

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My mother would tell me this constantly, saying my friends werenโ€™t real and would never care for me. So I moved country to live with one. Now I live near many. When I visited England again and things went wrong, one of them I barely knew let me stay with them. Community matters!

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They always save the day
And if you think they can't
They'll always find a way
That's why the people of this world
Believe in
And Pearl
And Steven โญ๏ธ

Happy anniversary Steven Universe!! one of my favorite showa that helped me in hard times!

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this lil guy is a sable. sables are used to make fur coats. look at him. he is so cute. rt if you agree that sabels and other lil soft guys alike are much better chillin like this qt than as a coat.

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