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Veeeeery busy week!
Radost Dacheva, our key partnership manager, and I are going to be in Tel Aviv for Press 4 Words.
Our chief content creator and our amazing wp_ambassadors and are going to be
Come say hi!

There's a popular new plugin that lots of people have said is good and useful for businesses like mine that provide WordPress support. But it seems to be fairly buggy on multiple sites and so far I'm not impressed. I guess I'm setting it up wrong?

And Oh Dang, keeping this up to show Twitter that there is no fun variety in their emoji type.

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Oh snap, look who has Mutant Standard finally working kinda. :ms_wolf: :ms_paw_print:

@multiple_creatures @multiple_creatures
Sorry, not sure which is where I should contact. Do you know if the script written for hiding color variants of @mutantstd emoji imports still works?

Milo Dipshitopolous, deplatforming works 

Who do we report companies that scraped email addresses from plugin readmes to spam you to?

Getting fueled up for the next Coffee Meetup

Happy birthday to who has marked all of his albums pay what you want today to donate the proceeds to

It's not the hill that I'm willing to die on personally, but I'd fully support anyone that wants to help litigate these companies out of business where they belong.

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Yup, did the Equifax settlement thing despite the whole thing being a huge long con and scam. Got an email asking for more stuff that wasn't asked for originally, letting me know twice that it'll be less than the paltry sum promised before, and it'll forfeit if I don't respond.

@selfsame intellectual property is spending hundreds of millions of dollars protecting the reputation of an irrelevant cartoon mouse

Intellectual Property is when you dress up a peanut in a top hat and a monocle and get a lawyer to make sure no one else ever does this

Hey local friends of mine! I would be delighted to see a few more of you slide in your speaking applications for real soon! I'm extending the call through this weekend just for you!

Happening now helping attendees with their WordPress site! Stop by the small room in the middle of the breakout rooms.

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