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@david The only flawless code is that which does not exist! Deleting code makes the result ever so much more flawless.

WordPress and the IndieWeb: Why You Should Own Your Voice - Join at - we can't wait for his talk!

Starting the day with deleting a lot of code!

why aren't you letting me be part of a culture that was formed because i exiled you

Maybe having OneTab not stay pinned in Firefox will be a push to get me to stop having so many tabs weighing down my brain.

Ok internet, I'm here, so everyone get back to looking busy!

I've been re-watching Parks & Rec, and I realized that Councilman Houser is not a great character. He's Leslie's only colleague that isn't terrible on city council, and compliments her, yet he never stands up for her when the others act like jerks.

There needs to be some built-in helper functions to control WordPress block editor custom color palettes.

Y'know what would be a fun thing to do this weekend?

DMing @maple to buy a cool computer pin!

They're $8 each and it's $5 for shipping anywhere in the world!*

*(up to 10 pins)

Throwback to the cover of my grunge band's album cover from the mid-90's.
HourlyWolves presents:

I see the first response a lot, but I also see these image requests, because the legalese needed for "Give us free access to your stuff, forever", requires more than a tweet can fit.

you might think your posts aren't being archived; that you can just delete them and they'll be gone forever, but that's not true. every time you post, i copy and paste it into a word document. i do this in case my internet goes down. i have hundreds and thousands of posts in there, with no formatting whatsoever. i can't tell where one post ends and another begins. all of your secrets are in there

I successfully used git bisect for the first time, and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Saturday afternoon means personal project coding. Ok fine, every day means that. But today I treat it like more of a luxury.

Yesterday I learned that virtual machines go all the way back to the 1960s (in this it's case multiple computers emulated on a bigger computer where a certain user gets access to the emulated computer but not the main one, and it was even called a virtual machine at the time)

As I say in the blog post, it's important to remember that most of what we have today in computing we also had in the 60s and 70s. It is just all much cheaper and faster now.

I’m back in Mexico after my anination studio gig and moving into a new place next week! And then art making can finally pick up again!

This is the best time to join my Patreon ( ) or get a commission ( ) it really helps!! 🐲

there's three rules to Life:
1) Get Paid
2) Get Laid
3) Gatorade™️

(this post sponsored by Gatorade™️)

Also I'm using Google Takeout just to see a list of services available in it because there are so many that I can't remember how many of them I use.

I am on a rant about technology decisions and I can't stop, HELP!

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