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Reminder that I have gay merchandise that you can buy for Pride and actually support someone who isn't a big heterosexual corporation. Boosts appreciated!

Here's what the license agreement screen for updating Xcode looks like when using dark mode on MacOS

A WiFi connected tea kettle and coffee pot both being used to connect to a router, access the home network, get access to security cameras, Facebook credentials, and more. Locally and remotely. Security shouldn’t be on the end user alone.

If you can't think of a name for your cat but you want it to feel special, consider "Occupant" or "Current Resident" so they at least get plenty of mail.

Happy Pride Month! My webcomic isn't out until September, but here's some of my #lgbt characters! #pride #pridemonth #pride2019 #creativetoots #mastoart

Link's Awakening has always been one of my favorite Zelda games. There's a lot of history here that I didn't realize about the game. I can't wait for the Switch remake!

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening | Gaming Historian via @[email protected]

Hey, if you’re still in the closet, that’s ok!

I know Pride can be hard, since folks are being extra visible this month, but just because you haven’t come out yet, doesn’t mean you’re not part of the community!

We love you!
And we’ll be here when you’re ready!

I’ve got my coffee from @[email protected], WordPress pins and stickers for our Coffee Meetup, and slightly more rainbows than normal for . Time to talk open web and website help!

I have discovered a lot of good content on @[email protected] and I’m sure that it’s nurtured some worthwhile creators. But even though I’m willing to pay for content, I’m no longer willing to support a broken implementation of a paid market and am cancelling my account.

It's near the end of the first day of , but I figured it's always a good time to share happy pictures like this!

I saw so many great talks at WordCamp Montclair today. I wasn’t able to live tweet due to lack of reliable WiFi and cell service, but that does mean that I was more engaged in the content. Also @[email protected] was here so we could both rep @[email protected]!

While walking to the WordCamp Montclair venue on the first day of pride month I spotted this beautiful old church building. I’d love to see more sentiments like this.

I'm working on a new WordPress theme that I want to try actually releasing for free in a bigger way than tossing on GitHub for once.

I'm planning on branding it around – big surprise – an animal. Anyone have recommendations for a minimal animal designer?

I wish I'd read @[email protected]'s post about snacks with enough time before my trip to stock up. I'll have to do with my nuts and beef sticks.

This feels like something for a game theorist to handle. Also I'm going to WordCamp Montclair tomorrow, so privacy shattered.

Holy cow, Netflix didn't disable autoplay on PS4, but now if you go to the settings screen it lowers the volume of the autoplay video. It's a start at least, until their business model can allow us to disable it entirely.

I get a lot of people telling me that they feel late to the party on tools and dev practices. I do too, like when it comes to things that I looked at once, then grew into larger movements. Static Site Generators seem to be one of those things right now.

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