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I started a Patreon before the founder cut-off. If you like my web dev tutorials and want to help me write more or suggest new ones back me!

Do you manage large/small site, if you write own code then getting started is hard. will show you techniques such as scaffolding tools and others to get you a fully functional #WordPress plugin with unit tests, CI, a local dev environment

Last photo with team before leaving . Thank you all for a great weekend and good to see and

Thank you to the organizing team for putting on another amazing year!

These fortune cookies from are pro. Thanks for sponsoring and thanks for posing !

It doesn’t hurt to hear good habits and routines to take on for eliminating busyness from . I think that I have to make some changes this week

I got to meet new members of the team I’m this weekend. Thanks for your support through the program and for being great people!

No matter the size of bag that I pack, I will always not use half of the things that I bring when I travel.

I know it looks suspicious but and I didn’t steal someone’s badge 😂 I need a new couch, so I hope to leave with some GoDaddy love!

I love the Table of Contents animation on the developer handbook

I solved the code and handed my card to a ninja while shaking their hand

If you're or just want to follow along with my workshop on building your first WordPress plugin, the code is here:

I'm heading to Atlanta today for! I'll be sharing a workshop on building your first plugin, and have to thank for helping me get there. Look forward to seeing you!

I was working on a post about PHP v7.1+ Illegal Strings warnings, and with the latest Yoast SEO update, it may be more relevant.

Call for Speakers (NL & EN), #WordCamp #Nijmegen needs you! We're looking for people who are willing to share their #WordPress insights with the world... Don't be shy, apply! Visit

The April roundup from on is about IndieWeb and blogging, two of my favorite topics!

April 2019 Weblog: Giving the Web Its Spirit Back

It is bizarre that some websites have certain fields not autofill. Or that one would fill in the password field, but not the email field, negating the only excuse that I hear for that, which is for security purposes.

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