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Since I’m starting to see them a ton more, I have the same aversion to black and white USA flags as I do to Don’t Tread On Me flags.

The Only 2 CSS Properties You Should Animate * via

Feeling powerful with a basic command line tool: trying to download an image that's been wrapped up in a page embed to dissuade right-click.

wget image_url and bye bye obfuscation code.

I got a physical copy of today with my article on and !

Let's say that you do web development but are rusty in pretty much all other programming. Now you want to look into simple, accessible game development tutorials and tools. Where would you go?

I got the latest Steven Universe anthology comic from while going to and the first story heads to a pride parade

There are still some tickets for where you can hang out with myself and a bunch of other cool people and talk WordPress. It's one of my favorite camps to attend!

I'm excited for Butler automation to become part of now! I use it daily and clearly need to do some tutorials around that.

We all know that OTP doesn't stand for "One Time Password". It stands for "One True Pairing".

My one true pairing is Twitter and 817 163.

Catching up on reading, but not going to link the article that pretends it doesn't want to sound outdated, yet chastises us for clothing choices as a society.

"How you dress says volumes about you."

I know, that's why I choose to dress for a mix of comfort, flattery, and fun.

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