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Thanks to the super moon and being right before an eclipse, the moon is super bright right now!

These are the two people that I was going to ask for recommendations anyway, so this makes it even easier!

Yessss! I am now a proud patron of Our Opinions Are Correct on, and you should be too:

I'm looking for some recommendations of good sci-fi or fantasy (any length) that is from a non-dominant perspective. Preference to non-dystopia.

I forgot that purposefully puts accounts that you've blocked or muted near the top of results on any trending topic, and why I shouldn't use the website version where topics are displayed.

In new news, I still haven't found a markdown editor that hits most of my list of wants. Boostnote and Simplenote are the two that battle it out most frequently for me, and until I break down and make my own, I doubt I'll be satisfied.

I've been listening to the audiobook of 'The Magicians', and it is a bit different and weirder than I expected. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but I haven't completed it as quickly as I normally do.

My latest post is how to setup a custom color palette for editing in WordPress, as well as allow Customizer modification and removing the color picker.

This short story is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction from, cohost of I want to see more stories, even if I agree that the genre terminology is clunky!

“When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis”

several ways this is legal in just few paragraphs.

Bird Rides Inc. Demands Takedown of News Report on Lawful Re-use of Scooters via

I decided to give it a full day to see what kind of interaction that I'd get on a Tweet that I made yesterday that was critical of the company.

While a good number of my Tweets get no visible interaction, this one seems to have had far fewer impressions than the day prior.

Did you know that you can report a tweet as "abusive or harmful" and instead of submitting, it gives you the option to block/mute with "we're sorry you saw something on Twitter that offended you."

Would saying "fuck right off" offend

How to Make Google Docs Look Like Dropbox Paper by

I'm a big fan of using Alfred workflows to do rote tasks quicker. Homebrew helps me do the same for apps on my Mac. Putting the two together is a no-brainer!

If you write CSS that affects Beaver Builder modules, you may accidentally make changes to the page editor as well. Here's a way to fix that.

I'm self conscious about being the selfie guy in public, but gotta thank for the warm hoodie to wear while I've gotta work from Starbucks and it's too cold for Florida

Repeated public request for Music and to allow you to block and remove artists from being suggested to you.

I do not appreciate seeing very public homophobes, racists, misogynists, and rapists being suggested as things I might want to hear.

Oof, getting an email from a company offering similar services that I offer but cheaper, but also confusing me since their name is one extra letter of another well known company in the same space.

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