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heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like Show more

RT As promised, I had a lot of questions ⁦@WordCampOrlando⁩ on indemnification clauses. So I wrote a blog post to help clarify things for you. DM me if you have specific questions. Legal & Business Insights For Startups & Small Businesses | Kinney Firm


Yay, third party data scrapers losing more data that they don't own, including mine!

Thanks for the Thanksgiving tip,

Improvements to the app anytime soon I figure since you block even on paid accounts you'd have a reading experience anywhere close to it. Better would be to let us consume in a way that best suits us.

I'm writing a short post about some thinking after finishing the new book from, "It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work". In the meantime, I wonder who decided that the copyright, dedications, etc that normally start the book would be pushed to the end? Very appropriate.

After Family Guy this week I looked up Lacey Chabert to see what she was up to. Much more active than I thought, but also such a high number of Christmas themed movies that I'm not sure typecasting is a strong enough word.

I'm using a throwaway email from a remailer service that has been used before, and the account just received a scam email blackmailing for bitcoin to a specific address to avoid them revealing my "unbridled fantasy!!!" to my contact book.

After listening to the last week's episodes of Cyber by and I figured I'd Google some personal info. Found a site that is part of a network pretending to be another site and has scraped data.

And apparently caring about data protection is weird.

This may be a few years old, but this post on speeding up my terminal using ZSH by was super useful.

I miss Were he still here, he'd probably self-own this photo with and from and

The reactions are begging for a caption on the projector screen. Do them proud.

Big thank you to as well for sponsoring, for making it easier for me to teach workshops and hang with purple elephants, and for being my go to host! πŸ˜€

Shout-out to the guy who called my Lyft driver while he was dropping me off to rudely tell him that he is further ahead than he stopped then said "huge mistake": you're an asshole.

Don't let your sense of entitlement make you that kind of jerk.

Great for the video game theme this year, Samantha QuiΓ±ones talking about the various classes that can be found on teams.

Been a while since I've gotten snow. php[World] delivers everything! Admittedly I'm more concerned about my flight than rolling around in snow.

Haven't posted much but the conference has been great so far!

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