It's my birthday!

If you wanna help me out for my birthday, donate to one of the various bail funds, or attend a protest if you can. I'm not able to do either, so I would appreciate it.

That said, if you've already done that, I'm still tryin to save up money to go back to school, and I'd appreciate any assistance you can give me.
Cashapp: $shooshy162
Venmo: @shooshy
Thank y'all so much.

White queer people: imagine if a bunch of cishet people started texting you saying "hey I know it's Pride month so I'm finally reading queer theory, wait am I allowed to say that? Hey, what does 'FTM' mean? What is a binder? Vers is short for Versace, right? Hey are you ok? I mean it, you can tell me. If not, I posted a rainbow on Instagram, that's good, right?" That would be really fucking annoying in a very short span of time, and it would do you no good.

So, don't be that person to others.

@Kat Gosh, I sure bet you like finally eating and taking care of your body, don't you? What a nerd, trying to be good to yourself


I took pills. I can lift my head up to stare at the ceiling, then put my head down to stare at the floor. All with little pain. I hope that this lasts!


This was basically a subtoot, not specifically related to current uspol.

Though anything shared there is still appreciated!

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@amandag I realize that I was very vague in my subtooting, but I do appreciate this list nonetheless!

@Resni No worries! It is really hard to know where to fit in. I certainly don't know how to do it.

info request for children 

does anyone have resources for talking to YOUNG kids (kindergarten age) about racism and police officers because when i search i’m just finding shit like β€œhow to raise a conservative child” and. no.

@Resni I meant something slightly different, but it bordered on subtooting.

I think that you can always find a way where you fit in to be of help to others. It doesn't have to be all of the things, and probably shouldn't.

What am I?

I know tons of people have already posted resources like what’s mentioned in this article, but it’s heartening to see coverage from a big site like this

As usual, I don't know how to get involved in things :bowie_sweat:

white moderates / message to white people 

not being racist isn't enough

That's what this is all about, and half a fucking century since Martin Luther King wrote about the white moderate we still have the exact same problem.

If you skipped A Letter from Birmingham Jail in history class, read it now. Its short. Also read at least summaries of the theory being posted by PoC etc.

You shouldn't need me, a white person, to tell you this, when I'm sure that several other PoC and black users have probably already tried to tell you this. That's also part of the problem. LISTEN.

Be anti-racist or you aren't helping.
:antifa: :antifa2:

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