@QueenPup that's pretty messed up :bowie_sad:

If you share here people won't do that

@bluestarultor @raeaw @meskin Flowless is one of the admins.

In the past we had monads defederated, but that was removed for a while. We have been discussing defederating again recently, before today's incidents.

Even if all staff are fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends against holding staff meetings when they could have been an email.

asking for recommendation/connections 

Fedi, can you help me find someone who is proficient with visual impairment accessibility tools? ideally, someone who actually uses them, but familiarity with accessibility practices is also okay. I'm looking for someone to "proofread" my two websites. I can pay, but not a lot. more context in the thread below.

actually if anyone finds that sound effect *please* link me to it, because i've been looking all over and i can only find results about how to turn the sound off

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Somehow Ring's erratic choice of capitalisation makes this all the more terrifying

v1.1.0 of my personal WordPress theme, Velox, is out for use! If you try it and have any suggestions for updates, please let me know


STREAM TIME! Playing Nova Drift! I have been hooked on this game since last night and it is soooo much fun. Later on I will start my playthrough of Super Mario Bros 3 as well! COME ON BY!!


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Reminder for people out on the streets. Img credit: Matt Lubchansky

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The Underrepresented in Tech database is fully community funded - if you'd like to help support what we do, check out our support page to learn how!


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This is a super gayin'. And this... This is what is known as a super gayin' that has ascended above a super gayin'. Or, you could just call this a super gayin' two.


@cowwan I'm just hoping that we don't have anymore when I have to drive across Orlando in a bit

JK, crossposting to masto and I can add video descriptions!

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Gosh, I hope that I don't have to go drive anywhere today. Oh wait...

(video is of hail coming down on a front lawn, with cars, a palm tree, and a progressive pride flag visible. Get video descriptions, Twitter.)

I am, once again, having Elder Scrolls thoughts

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