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Timeline cleanser: Puppy paws and an @AnnaForFlorida shirt

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My kingdom for the ability to turn off my brain inventing terrible negative things people think

"New York City removed the last public payphone on Monday"

Uhm ok, so how do I exit the Matrix now?

Whats everyones favorite search engine

Retoot for Exposure

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as cool as this is, this is *not* a free technology, its a $500 per month API that developers have to implement, which can only be justified by putting things behind a paywall, so fuck this!!

its also patented, so nobody can make an open source version!

Time! Hello everyone! I'm Zenith! My pronouns are She/Her, and I'm a trans non-binary demigirl mess of a who is making video games! Currently I'm working on a passion project, the Adventures of Zack The Great! It is great to meet all of you again! :ablobcatheart:

@malle_yeno Thanks! Ignore the directories for projects that I was gonna start and forgot to do more on :bowie_sweat:

@malle_yeno that's what I did with to play around with galleries and masonry and stuff without JS for fun

@chris same. Taking a vacation next week that I'm looking forward to just as a time to recharge

@malle_yeno I'm also trying to redo my website. I seem to remember seeing yours before?

@malle_yeno I'm doing alright! and I love your new pfp

I hope you do post things here!

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