Question for devs: does wp-i18n require jQuery? I can't find anything that suggests that it does beyond not being able to use it if jQuery is not enqueued.

@IceWolf Not quite a wolf, but here's a snoot for you from the dog park this morning :ms_wolf: πŸ‘ƒ

PSA: Don't buy drives from WD. Ever. (CW rampant anticonsumerism.) 

@ctrlaltdog I have tried a bunch but the Plantronics Backbeat Fit have been the ones that have worked the best for me overall. Fits lots of ear types, no long hanging wire to tug out of your ears, bluetooth is fairly good, and not fully waterproof like they claim, but good.

Someone spent a lot of time putting this together.

King Kong vs 3 T-Rexes but with Ed, Edd, n Eddy sound effects

RT @[email protected]
I’m pretty thrilled to be a @[email protected] clue but my mom is disappointed it’s only worth 800.

@Majkatsu Feels like it should become a thing where non-employees just start posting those negative ones en masse on social media

@aedric Thanks for choosing our instance! If you need anything while here, let me know!

@curtismchale I want one with silent keys and wireless. I get that gamers don't want wireless, but I move mine around a lot and don't want the cable in the way.

Eventually gotta send yet another macbook in for keyboard repair

this is 100% the face that every dog makes when you shout "WHAT DO YOU HAVE?? DROP IT!!"

@silvally Nice! I played for the first time with some furry friends a few weeks ago, but in person. How would we join in?

@silvally Oh neat, so like streaming for people to join in? Never done that but sounds fun!

@BalooUriza There's no way that's not being written in an attempt to be satirical or humorous

@Jo @greyor Nice thing is that it keeps the same IDs too, so I just copy and paste that in to search

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