inventing cursed books from a world where transness is embraced by capitalism 

Mediocre to Fantastic: Transitioning your Business from Good to Great

leave me to die, surrounded by my scented candles

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Missed Anna's Virtual Event w/ Mark Hamill? Watch the recording now! -

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All the episodes of the podcast that I conceived, planned, directed, edited, and marketed all by myself just came out. I'm so proud of myself, I'm crying.

It would mean the world if you listened to even just one episode.

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When you engage with something on social media, positively or negatively, you are boosting that thing. Social media metrics are reported as impressions and engagements. That’s the data passed to invested parties. Stop engaging with bad faith actors and making number go up.

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Join us tonight for Anna's re-election kickoff with special guest Mark Hamill.

RSVP, share, and invite your family and friends. It's virtual, so we have plenty of room!

did you know that if you die in real life you die in the game you were playing?

come on down for some luigi's mansion for the next few hours~! continuing on after defeating Boolossus!

with a BONUS VTUBER AVATAR REVEAL!! don't miss it! (or do, i'm not ur parent)

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