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The fifth episode of Monday Mike. One of the most important speeches in the history of the United States was delivered in April 1963 by Martin Luther King in Washington DC, and it's a speech that's well worth watching because it's as important today as it was then.

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Personal relationship musings 


I'm gay for seeing my friends trying to live their best lives. :ms_beating_heart:


@Cyborgneticz It's not perfect, but there's some interesting stuff in there

It was just too funny not to share.

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: You have my bow.

Dwarf: And my axe.

Necromancer: And your brother.

@Cyborgneticz I think I'm the same. I very rarely CW but I rarely talk about things that I think will need one. I think it's fair to rethink later and not be expected to get all in advance.

@Cyborgneticz That video about the Gaia economy brought a ton of people back to it. I still have some of the early special items, but I have a feeling that a lot of people do and found out :bowie_laugh:

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