Want a cool ink sketch?
πŸ”² Check my profile box for open commissions
πŸ”² Donate to a POC and/or LGBTQIA+ person in financial duress
πŸ”² DM me who you donated to/a link to their funding page (so that I can boost their page) and a request for a drawing (Examples below). No porn.
πŸ”² You'll get an inked drawing according to your request. If you'd like the original, just pay shipping.

@LucasTheDrgn welcome to the instance! Myself, @amandag, @rantingsteve, and @shooshy are around to help if you need anything!

@DokoroNuki welcome to the instance! Myself, @amandag, @rantingsteve, and @shooshy are around to help if you need anything!

Something friend shaped peaking out of my backpack. Little buddy, little pal

one thing elon musk can never have 

@Taweret my heart

cis gays love to talk about bussy until a real boy pussy comes along, then the transphobia just jumps out

the year is 2077. cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed another year

playful subtoot 

@Bruzer @Timothy Though to answer: no, I'm not ok. Blush Blush has been running nonstop on my gaming PC for weeks :bowie_tongue:

playful subtoot 

@Bruzer Oh haha true, it is my account connected to Steam, isn't it?

Look, I'm not saying that @Timothy is addicted to that game but... yeah :bowie_sweat:

@skelly tbh I thought that you were 24 already, going on 25

playful subtoot 

@Bruzer Are you Discord friends with my husband? :bowie_laugh:

call me anything you want, just don't call me late for dinner


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