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I am launching a free email series introduction to the Block Editor and how to get started with development for it without using React or JS in two weeks. The first people to have access will be folks on my newsletter:

I'm doing a live podcast interview about this afternoon.

I feel like I'm not the person who can be representative of the group, even when it comes to how it intersects with .

If you're reading this, you are part of the IndieWeb too!

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In honor of @WordCampUS this week I'm sharing photos from this time last year w/ folks:

@lemonadecode @photomatt @TheSpoonQueen1 @Erin_Go_Blog @jillbinder @DavidWolfpaw @aurooba @allie_nimmons @syedbalkhi @jthomasgriffin @Krogsgard

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ΒΏQuΓ© herramientas aseguran que un negocio de servicios funcione con Γ©xito? πŸ› οΈ

Compara tu lista con las que nuestro embajador de marca @DavidWolfpaw ha seleccionado como especializado en

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If you missed it yesterday, I shared a little something I'm working on for theme developers. It will seriously speed up your projects. :) Would love if you could share it!πŸ€—

This morning I'm giving a presentation at CMSPhilly (virtually) on building a simple plugin.

I've got the code, I've got slides, I've got screenshots. Since it's a paid ticket event, next thing to do is to write it out as a blog post to be able to freely share with yall here

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Very excited about speaking tomorrow at about two topics dear to my heart: contributing and community. Catch me from 09:00 AM EDT and ask questions, please! I am interested in hearing about other projects and contributors 🀩πŸ’ͺ

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Currently booking projects for June (if we get along, and you're in a rush, I can potentially do May!). Whether it's a full website build or adding some new functionality, I've got you. DM me. :)

Normally today would be our monthly Coffee Meetup, where we do a help desk and cowork.

I've been burned out by all events for a while now, but this photographer reminded me that some events are both useful, and can be fun.

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Manage your own WordPress site? Schedule time twice a year to review plugins.

Check whether the plugin has been updated in past 2 years.

And whether you still need the plugin, the functionality it offered may now be a part of core WordPress.

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Looking for a agency or freelancer? I’m compiling a list over here: β€” Sidenote: If you’re an agency or a freelancer specializing in WordPress or , tweet me!

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Friday dev workshops have been recieved well at past Kudos to for introducing folks to plugin dev last year.

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As developers, are we locking our clients into plugins and leaving them holding the bag? How do we improve that?

Here are my thoughts:

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Ethical Web Design: Serving More of Your Visitors with because building websites well is hard.
Sun Feb 23 | 9:30 am

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What was the first WordCamp you ever attended, and what is your best memory of it?

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Ok community. Let’s get some people employed.

Comment below with any open positions in your company or that you know about.

Together, we make our community stronger. ❀️

I'm doing a new late on

I'm David, and I run, coming up on three years now!

I am a web developer, mainly focused on and development

I've been adjacent for close to twenty years now, but it's only thanks to friends on Snouts that I have a fursona of my own, named Bowie. I love all of my furry and scaly friends!

I talk a lot about ethics, privacy, digital rights, and other nerdy online culture stuff. If you're into that, hello!

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Agencies seem to be missing a long list of possible services they can add to their maintenance plans. Awesome suggestions from the wonderful at .

I'm working on updates to my current site theme, which I've called Velox, in honor of Vulpes velox, the Swift Fox.

I'm already working on laying out the follow up, and I need a name for it. Masto friends, what animal should I honor with a theme meant for research blogging?

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