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I am starting my completely full of love for everyone here. :bowie_heart:

Also full of mucous, but let's focus on the love part while I lick you. :bowie_wink:

Good morning world! I am still congested so I got up late, but that means I'm not super early for either!

For I want to say that there are lots of lovelies here and I'm happy to be part of this community in any way. Yall have been very good to me. :bowie_heart: :bowie_heart: :bowie_heart:

@hyperlink @selontheweb I got to listen to haha yeah for , but it's also still really low volume on my devices compared to everything else that I play :bowie_sad:

It's and I don't think that I'm going to do much creating today.

So my MastoMonday note is a reminder to all of the lovelies that we do not need to be constantly producing. You have value outside of what you share with social media :bowie_heart:

I'm back on the internets for . Where are all of the cuties?

So it's , and I don't have anything new, but I did update my "Getting Started on Mastodon" post last week. I'd love feedback, suggestions for improvement, and other useful resources. I eventually want to make a booklet out of it!

It's again already? Get your normie friends on here so you can show them how social media is really done.

We have and , but I propose a new weekly holiday:

I'll start by saying that I am thankful for all of the wonderful new friends that I have made here. You've taught me a ton about myself, and have brightened my day more times than you know. Thank you :bowie_heart:

I'm doing a new late on

I'm David, and I run, coming up on three years now!

I am a web developer, mainly focused on and development

I've been adjacent for close to twenty years now, but it's only thanks to friends on Snouts that I have a fursona of my own, named Bowie. I love all of my furry and scaly friends!

I talk a lot about ethics, privacy, digital rights, and other nerdy online culture stuff. If you're into that, hello!

Oh, in lieu of posting specifically for this week, and because I'm about to post a new one, I've been doing a at that tag since 1 January. I've been having fun doing a new photo every day!

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