For I want to tell @hyperlink how much I like and respect him, and how much positive energy he brings to fedi :wolf_hug_moon:

For I'll spam once more here, because I know a lot of my friends here use Twitter still:

After a decade on Twitter and two decades as a furry, I finally made a furry Twitter account! If I know you here send me your profile so I can follow you! :bowie_heart:

And yes, I realize that is kinda the opposite of here, but since some people already find me there from masto, may as well direct them properly

I've just added several more flags. The leather pride flag was a fun add!

Working on the progressive pride flag next, then probably the most challenging for me: the bear pride flag.

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Ok, I kinda got bogged down, then I had to figure out where I was putting this to share.

Slowly gonna add them as separate commits one at a time. Check them out here!

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I felt the urge to recreate various pride flags in CSS, so for I'md oing just that

Good morning yall!

Question: anyone have recommendations for good Ghibli style art books? I got the Spirited Away book which is admittedly a disappointment.

Today I will be working on some creative work, but not sharing it.

That's ok. Instead consider the following:

Black Lives Matter ✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽

Defund the Police πŸš” πŸ–•πŸΌ πŸ’°

Pride was a Riot :ms_rainbow_flag: :ms_brick:

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I'm sad that it's another week with nothing to show for . I had something that I was working on but I had a headache that progressively got worse all day.

I will deliver the goods soon!

For and the map labeling meme going around, here's a quiz website that I spent way too much time on in school :bowie_laugh:

For I'm doing some writing that I hope to get up this week.

I do a weekly newsletter every Friday that is mainly catching up in my life. I want to expand it a bit more to be more like my old newsletters talking about specific topics.

Anyway, there's my great salespitch. Subscribe if you've got any interest!

On this I'm listening to from @hyperlink and @selontheweb

First thing was Hyli talking about the Mastodon Community Fund and it's reminding me that there are still wonderful folks doing wonderful things online :bowie_heart:


Anyone want to help me do some branding/styling for I'm going to work on it today for and start turning the homepage into a place to click into specific guides.

If it ends up becoming more of a thing, I'd like it to look pretty, and community oriented

I told myself all weekend that I'd write for all weekend, then I didn't.

Maybe I will today? I want to add more to and make it interesting enough to get others to contribute!

So hey, that project that I've been working on? There is a basic start of it live!

The goal of this is to be a resource to send people to for info about fediverse sites. I'm starting with a general Mastodon overview, but am going to quickly add more.

Contributions are very welcome!

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I'm working on my contribution to that I garnered some feedback for last week: a guide to federated services that can try to answer the big question: why use them in the first place?

I'd love some contributors to the site! I'm already working on stuff about Mastodon and will move on to other platforms when there is more here.

Want to help write a public guide on the fediverse to get your friends to join you here?

Three of my favorite interests are combined in this package from @NightlineZ that I just received (I'll assume for , obviously)

- Cute Pins
- Cute Stickers
- Supporting independent creators because duh!

On this I'm going to start by updating this instance to Mastodon v3.1.3, wish me luck!

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