I'm doing a new late on

I'm David, and I run tech.lgbt, coming up on three years now!

I am a web developer, mainly focused on and development

I've been adjacent for close to twenty years now, but it's only thanks to friends on Snouts that I have a fursona of my own, named Bowie. I love all of my furry and scaly friends!

I talk a lot about ethics, privacy, digital rights, and other nerdy online culture stuff. If you're into that, hello!

For I followed Jamie's lead and used spec microformats to mark pronouns on my site davidwolfpaw.com/. Thanks !

<span class="p-x-pronoun-nominative">he</span>/<span class="p-x-pronoun-oblique">him</span>/<span class="p-x-pronoun-possessive">his</span>
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Happy ! My pronouns are he/him/his, and you can read them programmatically on my website (using ), as …

I'll be at to talk about CSS, , and a workshop on improving diversity at events. This opportunity to present some suggestions about browser limitations sounds amazing! If you have anything that you'd like to submit, I'll help rep there!


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My to-do list!

@DavidWolfpaw@twitter.com @WordCampBoston@twitter.com

I think there’s a lot of great stuff being done to help and I hope that it’s not too little too late. Getting all promotional now to say thanks to @WordCampBoston@twitter.com and others for letting me do presentations on as a user and dev.
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Lots of us that were around for the beginnings of the open web are now focusing on getting it back, and locking it open this time.

We may need th@WordCampBoston@twitte…

I got a physical copy of @phparch@twitter.com today with my article on and !

@mathowie I'm hoping that the new push into Mastodon will help breathe new life into it. I'm still hopeful about a more decentralized future!

Do I know anyone interested in building tech or federated services? I'm having trouble conceptualizing some things without having people to bounce ideas off of.

My internet service provider has a portion of the acceptable use policy to prohibit running a home server. Part of the movement is the ability to be able to manage your network without relying on monopolistic providers.

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