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The contest may be over but you've still got two full days to enjoy free shipping and discounted prices on the all-over tees via Kickstarter! Every pledge comes with a commemorative holo sticker and Good Dogs wristband! 👌


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Survivor: Grocery Shopping edition

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I've been using invidio.us for a few days to keep up my YouTube addiction without having to interact directly with the site as much. Ninety (Nine. Zero.)!!! requests blocked by uBlock on Youtube, Zero on invidio.us.

3x requests at 6x bloat.

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Ironically, @DuckDuckGo@twitter.com's ad seems to know I'm a furry

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get yourself someone who looks at you the way my dog looks at 99¢ discount fucked up jellybeans

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Welcome back, @DavidWolfpaw@twitter.com, to @WordCampNYC@twitter.com! David will show you some cool things you can do with standard HTML and CSS. 2019.nyc.wordcamp.org/session/
BUY TICKETS: 2019.nyc.wordcamp.org/tickets/

While I was @wpyall@twitter.com the excellent @lmelegari@twitter.com turned a joke from @WordCampJax@twitter.com into a shirt for me! @allie_nimmons@twitter.com and @ChrisWiegman@twitter.com will probably remember this one. I’m gonna wear it in place of missing @MegaplexCon@twitter.com this weekend

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My fellow @DavidWolfpaw@twitter.com doing his thing today at . Thanks @SiteGround@twitter.com for sponsoring our travel and helping us do what we do!

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i drew a comic about that art test from tv

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David is teaching some awesome CSS tricks here at @DavidWolfpaw@twitter.com great tips and tricks.

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