"Online Privacy Isn't Dead-If We Fight for It" - Trevor Timm link.medium.com/Vr9IvnfyMV

I was looking at ordering from Outback Steakhouse. I know it's not good for you, but this is cold.

I'm curious if the CD Baby recommendation algorithm has ever listened to @starbomb@twitter.com, or @anidifranco@twitter.com, @JoniMitchellcom@twitter.com, or @toriamos@twitter.com for that matter 😂

Another name taken for when I invariably open a coffee shop. Still, @lmelegari@twitter.com has my number when it comes to coffee and mascots. I love the rainbow bow tie on the shirt!

You can now buy tickets for @WordCampJax@twitter.com which is on 29-30 June. Buy them now to get $5 off for early bird pricing with the code EARLYBIRD!


Appa has come to mlem on my desk while I’m working 😁

I got a physical copy of @phparch@twitter.com today with my article on and !

I got the latest Steven Universe anthology comic from @tatescomics@twitter.com while going to @wordcampmiami@twitter.com and the first story heads to a pride parade

"The Real Revolution Will Be Ignored, Until It Happens" - @rushkoff link.medium.com/lDkg5szx1U

"We're Finally Learning the Lesson of Y2K - and It's Too Late" - @cfhorgan link.medium.com/dQt7x0AI0U

I didn't add a gender to @Twitter, as far as I know. This field and description are new to me.

The Coffee Meetup has begun! I decided to treat myself with some fuel prior to offering website help. Thanks B3!

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