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just checking if you’re a crow

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a comprehensive guide to podcasts

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Are you a furry that works in IT? InfoSec?

Do furries REALLY make the internets go?

Do you know a furry that’s contributed to making the internet what it is today?

Know any furry Easter Eggs tucked away in source code?

Pls RT and share!

πŸ“· Durango Dingo

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Bark bark. I am a dog and this is a stickup.

Required field. But the separator one that you include in the dropdown doesn't count.

You are a website. You will literally never address me. Plus, there are definitely more forms of address than Ms and Mr

Evening is hot and sticky because power has been out for hours. This happens way too often where just our street stays affected thanks to poor wiring and poles.

Do you need a reusable mask or two and can't afford one?

@Timothy has been getting pretty good at making them, and we just got some new fabric this week.

If you want one, DM to setup shipping for free. If you do have money to spare, we're suggesting donations to our local LGBTQ+ Youth Center.

How many M&Ms do you have to stock to still not carry pretzel?

Just pointing out that I've never typed the phrase, "my husband's girlfriend" for it to have learned this phrase from me

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volunteers ready to safely leave literature for our constituents!!

We’re working to make sure folks know who is fighting for them here in ! πŸ’ͺ🏽

Tim is working on some new cotton masks, and I'm already pleased with the patterns

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Snackrunner shenanigans for @DouglasFur13 featuring @Doots4Toots and @wisereddragon !!

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