A more realistic outcome would be a backlash against Apple, with users jumping ship to Android, so they "won't have a company controlling what they see". - "Maybe Only Tim Cook Can Fix Facebook's Privacy Problem" - @kevinroose@twitter.com link.medium.com/INYPbMnJdU

You get a piece of mail sometimes that knows you too well.

"Maria Bamford's Letter From the Future" - Maria Bamford link.medium.com/DpNSaj91pT

I'm self conscious about being the selfie guy in public, but gotta thank @SiteGround@twitter.com for the warm hoodie to wear while I've gotta work from Starbucks and it's too cold for Florida

"It's Time for a Bill of Data Rights" - MIT Technology Review link.medium.com/A1wf18bLcT

Keep your Gravity Form displayed after a user submits it, while showing the confirmation that the form successfully submit. (obm.io/2FadrJM)

How to make print styles with CSS media queries to include a URL to a link in your site content when printed. (obm.io/2F3SP6c)

My personal blogging goal for 2019, and an accountability group that I'm starting to help myself and others reach our goals (obm.io/2EWRsGp)

Starbucks thinks that my birthday is today and I can't update it, so happy birthday to me and happy new year to you! 🎉☕🎉

Apparently an ad for Bojangles is as important as a driving notice.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make our donation to the Zebra Coalition possible! We were able to fill stockings, provide gifts, get gift cards, as well as general necessities for all of the residents this year!

I just pulled out a bunch of post it notes and pens because it's project planning time!

The best pins do something fun and have apropos backings. Thanks for the cool pin @TojoTheThief@twitter.com! Check out their shop at frogdrops.com

A millimeter or two can make a big difference.

In a half hour we've got our monthly Coffee Meetup for @WordCampOrlando@twitter.com. Thanks to @B3CAFE@twitter.com for hosting us this month!

Maybe you just need to believe in yourself. Then you can choose whatever name you want.

I've upgraded my workspace with a geometric woodcut from instagram.com/Art_of_ML

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