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Here it is. This is the heart of one of the machines that ran Second Life for so many years.

How many of you met someone special in here?

One of my best friends bought this for me as a mug from an artist on Society6 years ago.

I finally did what I expected to happen, and broke it. Now I am also heartbroken.

If anyone knows where this is being sold by the original artist, I'd love to get a new mug.

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One day my therapist said something that gave me a whole new perspective on the matter. I was reminded that I am someone who values having variety in everything I do. And it’s true!

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My comic for the , which was organized by Pina and Bex! I’m happy to a part of this club of cool beans πŸ’š
Being inconsistent is just part of having ADHD, but it can have its perks as well as its downfalls.

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This the greatest Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen….

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πŸ‘€ β€œβ€¦the event of your death… coming later this year.”

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I have friends who like poetry, even friends who are poets, and I wish I could share with them the ecstasy of finding this Super Metroid FAQ in which the author, for some inscrutable reason, completely justified the monospaced text using nothing more than precise word choice

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Client: Bought the plugin. Not bothering to configure it.

Me: πŸ€”

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TikTok’s algorithm took my account from transphobic videos to extremist videos in an alarmingly short amount of time.

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How about absolutely the fuck not

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'Now where's my wallet...'

Day 4: Pangolin!

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I didn't know that a @unicode draft emoji candidate could make me feel things

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I love when people first learn about crap like this

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@AnnaForFlorida @GovRonDeSantis Fixed it! ✨✨✨

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woah. youngsters rejecting Facebook's main "blue app" is known but I must say this study of gen z (16-24) shows it's more in free fall relative to gen y (25-40). also speaks to why data-sharing and control over FB's Instagram has been so critical to the company's market power. /1

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was rereading the little prince last night and i forgot how good this part was at explaining NFTs

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