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help I’m a baby boomer and nobody will buy my beautiful home

“We’re creating a culture of accessibility, transparency, and ethics in the legislature.”

My favorite representative @AnnaForFlorida@twitter.com hosting a town hall discussing this legislative session.

Be like pansexual furries on Mastodon and provide descriptive alt tags for your images. Make the web more accessible for all!

Weird Al time! For @lmelegari@twitter.com’s birthday I got end seats near the stage so I hope @alyankovic@twitter.com dances on her

I’m bad at tweeting in the moment. I did the One Pulse Pride 5K this morning with @timothywolf@twitter.com and @lmelegari@twitter.com and it wasn’t blazing hot the whole time!

Here's what the license agreement screen for updating Xcode looks like when using dark mode on MacOS

Got to see @ChrisArter@twitter.com in the @post_status@twitter.com newsletter this week!

I’ve got my coffee from @B3CAFE@twitter.com, WordPress pins and stickers for our Coffee Meetup, and slightly more rainbows than normal for . Time to talk open web and website help!

It's near the end of the first day of , but I figured it's always a good time to share happy pictures like this!

While walking to the WordCamp Montclair venue on the first day of pride month I spotted this beautiful old church building. I’d love to see more sentiments like this.

This feels like something for a game theorist to handle. Also I'm going to WordCamp Montclair tomorrow, so privacy shattered.

I'm working on a tutorial post about some ways to improve your site speed performance. If you want a sneak peek, it's live on my @patreon@twitter.com now! I'll be putting more tutorials there and taking feedback on future posts to write.


Essay from the wonderful @SoatokDhole@twitter.com - "Furries Are Good for Society". I never really thought about the patterns of communities without a single central source material. Just like decentralized platforms, similar bonuses. Decentralized communities FTW! medium.com/@soatok/furries-are

Thank you @AnnaForFlorida@twitter.com for hosting an town hall to help address the housing shortage issue in Central Florida. Too many poor policies contribute to unaffordable housing options in the region.

HDR shot in Winter Park this morning before storms and 100% humidity take over the day.

I'm working on some content for next week, and here's a sneak peek of one of the things that I'll be talking about:

I really need to know what about coffee pods and toffee nut syrup makes @amazon@twitter.com think that I'd have any interest in this garbage.

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