The best pins do something fun and have apropos backings. Thanks for the cool pin! Check out their shop at

A millimeter or two can make a big difference.

In a half hour we've got our monthly Coffee Meetup for Thanks to for hosting us this month!

Maybe you just need to believe in yourself. Then you can choose whatever name you want.

I've upgraded my workspace with a geometric woodcut from

I miss Were he still here, he'd probably self-own this photo with and from and

The reactions are begging for a caption on the projector screen. Do them proud.

Big thank you to as well for sponsoring, for making it easier for me to teach workshops and hang with purple elephants, and for being my go to host! πŸ˜€

Great for the video game theme this year, Samantha QuiΓ±ones talking about the various classes that can be found on teams.

Been a while since I've gotten snow. php[World] delivers everything! Admittedly I'm more concerned about my flight than rolling around in snow.

Haven't posted much but the conference has been great so far!

I haven't launched the new website yet that I've been working on with help from In the meantime, thank you for quick turnaround on my new stickers!

This pup always knows how to look wistful

The call for speakers for is open!

I can learn a lot about managing clients with compassion from

"I'm proof that men with crazy hair can still get married." talking about WordPress growing up as he did

I'm so happy that we could have deliver the keynote about building communities.

The issue that I get isn't that users don't have access to great design and varied layouts for their content. It's that they want to perceive complete control over that layout and design. "Why Do All Websites Look the Same?"β€Š-β€Š@borism

Pre I'm at to talk about Ethics on the Web and hear talk about portraits and his new project

I'm wondering why my phone battery tanked today under average usage (streaming hours of music over Bluetooth, otherwise next to nothing), and see a Google made app that I downloaded this morning and didn't use yet as the first non-system app. Wonder what it could be πŸ™„

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