It's incredible the length that developers will go ensure that font size doesn't increase as you use browser zoom.

@finallycanuck exactly! I want to zoom to be able to read the tiny text!

@david when web designers *really* want to control the user experience (against the user's wishes)

@david The theme I bought actually did that, it was one of the first things I disabled. Zoom is vital.

@david also why do SO FEW SITES respond to a browser's default font size settings? like seriously some of us are on mobile and don't want to read a tiny 10-point font ffs

@Yuvalne I should be able to control it, but also 16px should be absolute minimum IMO

@david I mean I understand why some people would want 12px.
I'm not one of them, but I understand.

but have that be a set-by-user sub-default, dangit

@david Are they the same devs that block pasting into password fields? Wondering about the overlap here.

@david FF has a setting to disallow websites to change the defaul font and font size.

Settings -> General -> Fonts and Colors -> Advanced -> Untick "Allow pages to choose their own fonts"

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