I'm bad at making decisions! Especially when it comes to naming things.

I currently use my full name for my personal site -
I also own as a private note log, and for fursona pics

My focus is to share projects, public notes, dev tips and tricks, and some art. Basically a personal, cozy home online.

I'm wanting to redo my site, including the name. Here's some ideas that I've got, but I'll totally take suggestions!

@david I like davidwolfpaw but would suggest an alternative TLD tbqh

maybe isn't too expensive

I can see suggestions by my domain provider with a hyphen.

.online or .life would be available.

@RyunoKi @clarfonthey do you mean my first and last name with a hyphen? I've gotta assume that I can get it without one... I hope!

Yeah, first and surname separated. Eases reading.

I thought of using only my surname, so my first name could become a subdomain (allowing for other family members to claim there's in the future).

@david i'm torn between and, both are very good

davidwolfpaw is pretty good still but i'm biased toward some particular aesthetics :p

@cinnamon I mean, it's just my full name, so I'm not keeping that much of a secret with it :bowie_sweat: but yeah, I was thinking of something ~~aesthetic~~ as well

@david as someone with a .dog domain: they’re a bit expensive but i find their novelty is worth the price

@kotinotter I didn't know if I should renew the .dog one that I had but didn't think of anything better before it renewed. I do like it though!

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