How do yall choose your cool domain names?

Asking for my wanting a new, cool personal domain name

@david um well

you see

i just sh*tpost in the search until something fun comes up/is available

@david i just think of something that amuses me and then start playing with different word combos

i've been liking namecheap's domain lookup system cuz they don't lock domains down like Certain Other Services to do force you to use their platform for purchasing
@david like, this domain started off as a joke cuz i seen the .network tld and my brain was like "hah. network cable. haha cat6 network cable" and came to be because of that

and then for the social stuff, a connected cat6 network came to mind, and then when i borked that DB, the idea of a wireless cat6 network tickled my brain...

@david I just used my surname; when I registered it I was literally the only Roosenmaallen doing stuff online. Now I get subdomains free, so personal projects get those instead of buying a whole domain. :p

@david browse through name cheap and look up random things till something clicks

@david TBH, I've been inebriated at least 20% of the time, inspired at random 60% of the time, and pun-ishment seeking 40% of the time (strong overlap).

@david Consume alcohol and type random names until you find something you like and sounds cool 😎

Note: I’m not responsible for anything bad that happens

@david When I was much younger, I registered the domain name syntheticvirtue, which I thought sounded really cool, and also represented my quest to become better

@DammitMooMoon I like that idea. I've had so many over the years to represent different ideas. I am wanting to try to centralize more things for myself these days, and that includes a personal site

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