I made this silly page for to show how to make a bunch of different pride flags using one <div> with CSS.

I'm open to suggestions and additions!

@david you might wanna add a reference to the brown and black stripes to the description of the Philly pride flag

@david sorry, the progress pride flag

you say that it's a combination of the Philly Pride flag and the Transgender flag, but you don't mention the brown and black stripes

@noiob Ohhh, I see. I do mention the brown and black stripes in the one above it, the Inclusive Pride flag, which is the name that I mainly encounter that flag under besides Philly Pride.

@noiob But I can update the titles of the flags to match, thanks!

@david ah yeah I get what you mean, makes sense

@david nice! spotted a small typo at the trans flag "gender dentity" missing the i

@f0x Thanks! I just updated it, should appear in about a minute

@david This is really cool! Are you okay with this being shared in other places like on Twitter?

@socks thank you! And yes, I already shared it on my Twitter

@david nice job! I'm a bit confused why the black stripes are thinner on the agender flag

@clarfonthey You know, that's a good question. I've seen it both ways, but I should probably adjust it

@david I've never seen it shorter like that; it looks like a mistake

@clarfonthey It may well be cropped versions being used elsewhere, but I'd the original tumblr post and updated it on the site

@david this is awesome and geeky and we love it!

Might I (Si) Suggest adding the Queer Flag. Also would you happy for us to share this via our twitter?

@TBnJPodcast Thank you! You can share and I did via my Twitter too, DavidWolfpaw.

Can you link which queer flag you mean? I am not familiar but a few show up

@david sure this is the one that I see most often when it gets represented :)

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