Watching new Pinky and the Brain and they went to the NSA and stole data with a SCSI cable.

I was about to go, "hold on, what?", then remembered that it's a government agency and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they still used that old of tech.

@david this sounds like a funpost, but chelsea manning is famous in part because she is one of the few people to get any data out of sharepoint at all :p

@david /laughs/

I'm thinking about when I worked for Social Services and the New Program was something that would've have been out of place in like, 1994.


We still also used the Old Program, which was IIRC green text on black.

This was... before I got married but not by much. Say, 2001?

@david OH YEAH and when I started using Wide Area Workflow it was also about that - that's the government billing program. Almost no mouse interface.

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