Hey yall, putting the call out again for face masks.

We've got quite a few that we've been making, and can send within the US to anyone who would like them. Preferably folks who need them first.

Sending two in a pack, no cost. DM me for details!

All yall who gave me addresses by this morning, they are in the mail!

I shall singlehandedly save USPS. You're welcome, America.

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@david omg the carebears 😭🖤 y’all have the best fabric

@david I love the purple with rainbow paw prints and hearts so much! 💜 🐾 :heart_pride:

@stelepami I'm making a post office run in an hour if you'd like some! If so DM your address

@david as an owner of one of David’s face mask I heartily endorse their quality!

@david Thank you for the offer but I have a bunch! Rather they go to those that need them more. :blobheartcat:


don't need one, but they're so pretty i'd love to have one

no special need here (plenty of bandanas), but let me know

@js0000 no worries, still got some and can make more if you want some

@js0000 DM the ones that you'd like and your address. I may need to make more tomorrow since I sent a bunch today

@david hell yes from a fellow mask maker here 👐 those masks are cute as fuck and we will save this hecking world somehow!!

@david Heck, I love the fox mask, too bad I'm not in the US :blobCry:

@alva I can send some if you want to cover shipping! I've just spent a lot on shipping so far :bowie_sweat:

@david have you reached out to folks in Indigenous communities near you? I know a lot of folks near where I live have been experiencing shortages

@sayyid_qishta I have not. I'm not sure where I'd start looking, tbh. I live in Central Florida.

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