thanks to @kev

I am lucky to have a dedicated office at our home, and already work from home. The key for me was to make it super inviting, comfortable, and organized even with lots of random colorful objects around

@david LOVE THIS! That chair next to your desk looks like the perfect little cubby hole to sit and read. Comics on the wall are so cool.

@kev Thank you and thank you! I really enjoy it but admittedly I don't use that chair for reading as much as I'd like.

The comics are all the original pieces done for the webcomic The creator of that strip is a lovely person but sadly not on fedi

@david @kev

oh wow that workspace is nerdy as hell, good! I love the majora's mask and sylveon plush

@david it looks cozier than my bedroom. I love it...

@dropdan @david *chuckle* Mine *is* my bedroom and it's also what I'd describe with adjectives like organized, cozy, nerdy, and colorful.

I need to clean up a bit before I feel comfortable putting up a photo of the current state of my work machine for posterity, but here's the corner of the room that I reserve for retro-hobby work back around the beginning of 2017.

@david @dropdan Unfortunately, the DOS/Win311 side of the dual-boot is currently non-functional but I haven't had time to pull out the SD card and figure out what's fouled up the boot process.

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