@david Top of the morning to you :blobcat:

How's you doing today ? ^w^

@l4p1n Doing better now that you are here cutie!

Waking up. My hands have started feeling slower lately, which seems to come and go and I don't like. Certainly feels more noticeable in the morning

@david Glad you're doing better now I'm here ^w^

*big wolfdragon hug for the cutie*

@l4p1n Exactly, that's why I am better. Wolfdragon hugs make everything better! :wolf_hug_moon:

@david merry morn-evening. May the sun shine upon you and hazards stay far away.

@david @l4p1n @SHSunny GOOD MORNING! :acongablob: :acongablob: :acongablob: :acongablob: :acongablob:
Hope you folks have a good morning. May the morning coffee/tea taste good!

@mel @SHSunny @david

I'm having a great morning so far. The tea was wonderful. How's your morning going so far ?

*hugs you all* :blobcat:

@l4p1n @mel @david *hugs back* hello wonderful animals <3
I have tea at home, I think I can make some for y'all

@mel @SHSunny @l4p1n Thank you and for you as well! I think that I'm going to take a shower then make a fancy beverage this morning because I'm worth it

@david @SHSunny @l4p1n And after doing that joining for a morning chatter session, that would be nice!
:blobfoxprelurkcofe: :dogcited:
@l4p1n @SHSunny @david I mean, I am over at mel@hyena.network on my XMPP server
:B You are free to poke me whenever

@mel @SHSunny @l4p1n I am on none of those networks :bowie_sad:

I keep meaning to check out XMPP, but I'm already split on so many chat apps I'm not sure if I can handle another

@david @mel @SHSunny I'm also on telegram but it's sooooooo cluttered rn and notifications popin up annoy me to the point of silencing

@l4p1n @david @mel I’m a lot more active on telegram tho if anyone wants to chat

@SHSunny @l4p1n @mel Same here. I don't really broadcast mine but it's not super hard, just my first and last name, @DavidWolfpaw

@SHSunny @l4p1n @david Oh, same. :B
Prefer Telegram at times too, but kinda keep that for local fur communities exclusively.

@mel @SHSunny @l4p1n I only chat one on one or very small groups. I have a bit of anxiety both in the scale and for personal reasons of joining channels on Telegram. Wish they'd allow you to have multiple identities

@david @SHSunny @l4p1n I kinda wish they would just allow registration without the use of a phone number, it's actually super dumb if you think about it. Especially with S7 exploits being a thing still. :cate:​

@mel @SHSunny @l4p1n Agreed. And multiple accounts or at least changing identity based on groups a bit. Also the whole thing where "secure" apps announce to all of your contacts when you or they join and lots of info unless you know to turn it off immediately

@david @mel @l4p1n if only their user friendliness and privacy measures were as good as their message encryption

@SHSunny @david @l4p1n :this: :this: :this:
I just wish I could compartmentalize it a bit on usage and directly have the option to 'Do not use phone number on this account' on account creation
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