Can you fantastic furs and peeps share with me some of your favorite furriends so I can follow a ton of lovely snoots? πŸ’œ


@Elpis9 So many wonderfuls here! Plus it's federated, so as you saw, you can friend externals!

Besides Hyli who already messaged you, some of my favorites here are (in no specific order and sorry to exclude people)

@wolfpede @Mace @jay @Duende @IceWolf @rantingsteve @Cody @kd @pandora_parrot

I can share more but that's a lot to start :bowie_laugh:

@david That is a lot of people!! Thank you so much! I'm very excited to be a part of the community here πŸ’œ

@Elpis9 I'm glad to have you here too! I love that we can connect even on different instances

@david I do too! I am loving this platform as a whole, and i'm very grateful that @asonix introduced it to me^^

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