Request for BandCamp suggestions, boosts ok! :boosts_ok_gay:

Since BandCamp is waving fees and lots of artists are in need of help:

If you have suggestions on good music on BandCamp that I should get today, lmk.

Preference for smaller artists, people here on masto, and nothing with too violent of lyrics or super heavy. I like relaxing music!

I've already gotten a lot of great suggestions here! I will go through all of them today and respond, promise!

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Thank you all for the suggestions! I filled my cart and bought a bunch just in time!

Only downside for me is that name your price always makes me feel like I'm too cheap :bowie_sad:

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@aldersprig @david As far as I know it is open, and a wonderful place! :awoo_pixel:

And nah, unfortunately I didn't make that, I made :boost_ok:. That one looks better though! :3 I appear to be pending to follow you.

Hello, I am nice. I am kitty (not woof). I'm a writer who lives in the Finger Lakes (NYS, US) with kitties & spouse and does baking and home renovation and stuff.

@david Pepper Coyote is best known for touring with Fox Amoore, but he has some albums where he's the headliner. One of which is a very personal album called Muh about his shaky path through life. All the con cancellations have likely hit him hard.

@Kye I have heard some of his stuff, and will check his page out, thanks!

@david If you like Pop/rock, my brother's band is on Bandcamp, they're called The Scandi. 4 boys, with two vocal leads, they sing in french and in english ! (Also on Spotify and Deezer if you want)

@Miari I'm listening to Prototype EP right now and it's a lot of fun!

@david Oh that's great! There are also more recent songs on YouTube 😊

@david Gasoline Lollipops. Alt-country folksy fun. I have one of their albums and I'd like to grab more, and have seen them live and they're great!

@david I find Louie Zong's music adorable and chill. It's pay what you want for an awful lot of music, too.

The Doubleclicks are free on bandcamp atm for all their old albums. Cute queer music, a band of 2 siblings, and a large amount of geekery. I ADORE them.

@vicorva I do enjoy Louie Zong. I'll check out the Doubleclicks now!

@david she's how I found out about some of these games

@david one of my top bandcamp finds is Night of Mourning by @papichulo – a rich, amazing voice that embraces the warmth & richness of soul & RnB as well as contemporary singer-songwriter clarity & really beautiful, pure love-song lyrics


I Love with a Ghost (relaxing/coding music):

Mimi (friend of mine):


Young Heirlooms (Cincinnati):

Black Spider Stomp (🇳🇿, old timey swing music):

RJD2 (saw him spin at a small street fest 2 years ago):

Bayou (🇦🇺, Melbourne):

@djsumdog Already liking these selections! Just into Mimi and In Love With a Ghost so far.

I'm a bit behind, trying to at least choose a few to buy before bed thanks to the deadline :bowie_laugh:

@david oh I should probably checkout what's in my cart 😅 .. all of those I saw live except for Shoohan (Nashville friend send that to me) and Love with a Ghost (that was someone on the Fedi).

@lwr82 @zacanger @telecrush I definitely already have @Kye and I'm checking out the others to be able to hit buy in time!

@david Technically it's a record label, but I like Chillhop Records. Their latest Chillhop Essentials album is the first one that isn't free, because they're planting a tree for every purchase.

@The1AndMany I do love Chillhop a lot! Buying some of their seasonal collections, thanks!

@Kye @david It might be a little bit on the heavy EDM side of things, but thanks for sharing!

@icefoxx @david I think you blended retro and modern nicely.

@tinytoydragon dang yeah, interesting stuff and wish they were still at it

@david I have some old stuff on there, mostly instrumental. Not sure if its anyone's jam but you should be able to listen to full previews for free

@shel I bought some of his stuff recently!

Oh, I was wondering why it showed me as not following you. Is it ok if I follow this account too, or prefer that I stick to the other one?

@shel No worries, I follow your other account and didn't realize that this was a separate one at first. Thanks for the suggestion!

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