Question for furry, furry adjacent, therian, kin, or other related groups: how long have you considered yourself part of that community?

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So this poll

The reason that I did it is I had an idea that many furry folk on masto were new to the scene, based on what I'd seen people post.

But now I'm leaning more toward people in my situation based on conversations after posting this: new to being openly furry, but having been around it for over a decade easy

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@robin Dang, that's longer than me! (somewhere around 2001)

@david Only since like 2016 or 17. So not long at all.

@david I think I found out about the therian and otherkin communities, and thought those sorts of terms could make sense for me, in early 2018.
I learned about those communities from furries, though I probably only got involved with furry in mid 2017.

@fudge_the_sphinx I'm glad that you were able to find the right communities for you! I'd fall more into the furry camp myself

@david @fudge_the_sphinx For me, I first encountered furries in (Feb?) 2019 when I joined Meow. Hadn't even heard of them before that. :3

And then found otherkin/therian a few months ago maybe, immediately started wondering if that fit me...

And then I slowly decided that yes, it did, and I'm totally a wolf! :wolf_pixel_dark:

@IceWolf @fudge_the_sphinx So now I'm curious, why did you join Meow if you were unaware of furries?

@david @fudge_the_sphinx I was looking for instances to join, heard Meow described as "for furries", went "huh...what're furries? sounds neat!" and signed up! :3

@david Interesting to see all the responses hovering around 25%, for now anyways.

I have essentially been "furry adjacent" for over 10 years. It wasn't until about 1 year ago that I finally dove into it and embraced the community. :blobcatheart:

@SolKitty Right? I was also surprised. I put furry and furry adjacent because I wanted to catch people like you and I represented. Though I wonder, which did you select? If I could vote in my own I'd select 10+ years, but I've only been out about it to more than a select few about a year like you

@david I actually selected <1yr, since that is how long I've considered myself "furry". Before then, I had a limited perception that there was a subset of folks enjoying animal anthro "stuff". I played Furcadia, I adored animal art on Deviantart, I would read animal comics; but I hadn't discovered the community beneath it all.

@SolKitty huh, that's really interesting! I guess I'd not figure you'd know about a few of those things without knowing the community.

I still don't consider myself part of the community in terms of in person stuff and basing more of my life around it. But I've also realized that the community is what you make of it. Like I've been finding mine here on Masto, which includes sweet people like yourself :wolf_hug_moon:

@SolKitty I also made an assumption that more people would select a shorter timeframe, since I've gotten the sense that Masto is more "new furs".

I've been consuming things knowing that they were furry since before many of the people here have been alive soooo... yeah

@david Haha, yeah. I look back on it all now and say, "oh, I was furry adjacent!" but back then, I didn't know. At the time, I thought everything had a fun theme, but didn't know there was a massive community behind it all.

@SolKitty That's fair, I was like that when I started web dev and didn't realize that actual people were behind tools that I use daily. Then I found user groups and that changed my personal and professional life a ton.

I am *definitely* going to try to make ANE this year. Still regretting missing it this year

@david Aw, that's alright! Hopefully I'll see you there next year!

@SolKitty Same! I like your fursuit, and you seem like a genuinely nice person!

@david Oh gosh, thank you! You, as well! It's nice meeting other like-minded folks :beans:

@david I don't think I've ever considered myself part of the community honestly

@pupy That's ok! I totally understand that. You are still a cutie piggy no matter what :wolf_hug_moon:

@david Same boat as @SolKitty . I played Furcadia in 2002 as furry-adjacent and then joined the furry fandom in April of last year. Always kept myself on the sidelines because I was nervous about the NSFW side of things. ^^;

@SentinelArk @SolKitty I think that still counts! So did you put 10+ years or <1 Year?

@david @SolKitty <1 year because the furry-adjacent stuff was more secondary to the things I was looking at. For example, I got into comic books (and board games and TTRPGs), then was drawn to the anthropomorphic animals (e.g. Animosity, Autumnlands, Monstress, Mouseguard) as opposed to being a fan of anthro animals then looking for media on them. Now, it's much more in the forefront.

@SentinelArk @SolKitty Well I'm happy to see you here! I love anthro and feral animals!

@david I'm happy to be a part of it all! It's certainly a much more warm and welcoming community than I thought it was / would be. ^_^ (and a nice punch in the wallet... so much art I want to buy!)

I don't know if I do or not! Some folks I know online have suggested I look into communities because the experiences I've had with the idea of being a spider made them think I'd find something, but I haven't yet. It just hasn't been that big of an issue for me

@david I've been off an on with the furry community for roughly 10 years. I don't consider myself a furry, but I'm also not not a furry. Furry adjacent

@Loki_Leigh So did you go with the 10+ years option? I've had multiple people say that they chose one year because they just started being one openly this year

@david I did do the 10+ option, because it's been fairly regular in my life, if not constant. I used to be a black jaguar for a long time, but now I'm a goth grunge trash opossum

@Loki_Leigh Those are both wonderful!

I went from fox to wolf (which is still kinda my life outside of furry) to now general, friendly canid

@david It's really neat to see how folx's perspective of themselves change overtime through their fursona

@Loki_Leigh Absolutely same. I use Bowie (my dog character) to explore that more positive, outgoing and friendly portion of my personality. Kinda fake it until you make it!

Honestly if I'd named him before I started my instance I'd have made an account separate for him with a proper name.

@david grrr, only just realized I answered wrong and I can't go back and take my vote again

5-10 years, I realized pretty young :p

@malle_yeno I do hate that you can't change votes later. Probably since you can't see results without voting.

@david 10 years+, worked it out in 2009 and kept it in the closet from almost everyone I knew till 2019

@Jarey_ Gosh same, only last year did I not completely hide it from everyone, thanks to Mastodon basically

@david Wow did not expect 10+ years to win, neat to see that kinda longevity still happening (I'm creeping up on 30 myself, 1993 >.> )

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