I read this book this morning. There are a few minor quibbles that I have with it, but otherwise there are a ton of great cases for open borders in here.

@david Does it also go into detail on the legitimate criticism of it or was it mostly one-sided?

My problem is I love the idea of a country with strong welfare to help and ensure the poor get the help they need to get out of poverty.

I also love the idea of open borders as I feel its the best way for people to find a life they enjoy in a country they love.

But I also recognize you cant have both open borders and strong welfare. So I usually lean more towards strong welfare and accept the need of closed borders.

I'd be curious to hear if the book has any new insights on this aspect.

@freemo Well now I wish that I'd not returned it today.

Because he uses the quote from Milton Friedman in the book twice: "It's just obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state".

And straight up says that it is wrong, with lots of reasons on why from an economic perspective.

Understandable, as a economy professor, to focus on it so much. But thankfully he provides other arguments for the concept as well

@david Nice, I would have loved to hear his take on it. Maybe ill keep an eye out for the book and give it a quick glance if I ever see it, maybe get a copy even.

Either way, thanks for the share.

@freemo picked it up from my library, maybe you can do the same?

@david I live in the Netherlands so chance of me finding english books in a library is much lower than you might thing. They have them, but the selection is small.

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