I wrote a bit today!

First up, a recap of , which took place in Downtown Orlando this week as a celebration of the history of web development.



I also updated my, "An Incomplete Guide to Getting Started on Mastodon" post. I'm hoping to turn it into a full guide that could be shared with new users with more examples and tips. If anyone has anything to suggest, lmk!


@david This looks like a nice idea! Thank you for making this. I'm new here and saving this to review later.

@SolKitty Thank you very much! Please let me know if something doesn't make sense in the guide, or you need help with anything on Mastodon. A fresh perspective would be great! :bowie_heart:

@david I just sat down and read through this - it's a great guide! There's some helpful info in there for me that I'll definitely refer back to! ❤

I do have one oddball question: now that I'm part of one instance, is there a way for me to view/sneak peek others? I'm curious as to what the community feel/ vibe is in different instances. Is that only really possible if I create another account? :blobcatsurprised:

@SolKitty That can be a challenge, and I think that it used to be easier on some instances.

This screenshot is me not logged in looking at tech.lgbt. If I click on the "See what's happening" box, I will get directed to tech.lgbt/public which shows what is on the federated public timline, aka all instances that my instance federates with.

Not exactly what you want, but a start

@SolKitty The "Discover users" section lets you look at some individual users who opted in to being on the directory.

@david Hm, this is interesting! I'll look into it, but it sounds like I may make another account at some point for viewing other instances while I learn my way around the communities. There's so many groups/ interests out there!

@SolKitty I'd say follow interesting people and see who they boost!

But also if you see an instance with a theme that you like, it could be a place to look

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