mh (-) 

Is it ok to say that sometimes you feel emotionally exhausted but still want to be good to people?

mh (-) 

@david I need to believe that as much as I suppose you do.

mh (-) 

@david of course! noone's an infinite pile of energy


mh (-) 

@david Nobody has unlimited amounts of energy to spend on people and that's fine! You're great! *hugs*

mh (-) 

@Mace Thank you for being lovely to me :bowie_heart:

re: mh (-) 

@david yes, totally valid, I was like that from like Saturday all the way through yesterday

You gotta be good to yourself before you can be good to others though, so try not push yourself. *hugs*

mh (-) 

@david yeah, what everyone else already said. Plz take care of yourself because you deserve good care too. :ms_growing_heart:

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