I love reading bad reviews of Mastodon phone apps that say things like, “Blocking my hate speech instance isn’t in the spirit of Mastodon”.

I imagine that y’all would be apoplectic if you knew how the creator of Mastodon managed his instance and discovery features.

I’m looking for an app made for the iPad, and I start looking for this kind of app by reading the most critical reviews first, to ensure that the developers are taking a stand.

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@david Does it matter if they don't do client blocking, though? I mean, my opinion is we should block the bad actors – at the instance level. But we don't need to block them at the *client* level, and it doesn't work anyway.

Of course I don't mind people doing that client blocking – I am just *really* against coming down on clients that choose not to, as if that somehow means they support the bad actors. Feels like "you 100% agree with our methods or you're The Enemy".

@IceWolf I suppose that could be the case. I don’t block all instance that I see others blocking mainly because I don’t get interactions from them and can’t keep up on which should be blocked.

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