There is some guy who must need to go bad, because he's waiting for the bathroom, and has already three times grabbed at the door and jiggled, despite clearly being able to see if someone left. Here's an idea: use the also single-occupant ladies room.

Then remove gendered signs?

@david Good way to get harassed (or worse) in this climate. There are dudes going around "policing" bathrooms to make sure people use the "right" one, even single occupancy bathrooms. Everyone from perfectly gender conforming cis women to butch lesbians to trans women have been harassed.


@Kye Which is frustrating as heck. I can take a picture of both of these bathrooms and no one would be able to identify which has which sign on the outside. Just put "restroom" on the door if it is single occupant and has a lock.

@Kye I mean, the real solution is fixing those men and setting up the next generation of everyone to not be so terrible, but I guess as an easier start?

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