Since is trending again, here's another reminder that they own Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp too, plus plenty of other stuff.

Also I'm crossposting to Twitter, which is just as bad in some of the same ways.

@david what are the better alternatives? Ive been wanting to ditch Facebook for awhile, but it seems like they have a monopoly on social media.

@ReynardMcLain How's Mastodon working for you? I understand that it serves different purposes than Facebook, but I am wondering if it could serve as a valid replacement overall. It certainly has for me, but I may have different needs.

@david honestly its been mostly a place to share random thoughts and a friend of mine turned me on to using it. I like it alot so far, trying to get the wife to use it and otjer friends as well. This could really replace more of my social media use if it had more applications.


@ReynardMcLain What do you mean applications? Do you mean ways to access it, like phone/desktop apps, or do you mean things that it can be useful for? I'm curious what else you're looking for.

@david maybe a platform app similar to facebook but without the fascist elites shoving advertising down our throats. Like phone or desktop app maybe to share more photos and projects with friends and family.

@ReynardMcLain I'd like to dig deeper if that's alright. When you say platform app, what do you have in mind? You can share things here as well, it just moves more like old Facebook or current/old Twitter does.

@david cool. I do love Mastodon so far. Its alot easier to use and much friendlier. I think having a way to save a gallery of images or something like that would be great.

@ReynardMcLain That would be useful. Have you checked out @PixelFed yet?

I want more decentralized apps, and more clear how they work, plus easy for people to use!

@david @PixelFed

I'll check it out, I like the idea of decentralized apps. That makes solid sense. Thanks!

@ReynardMcLain I'm using AndStatus when I'm posting from my phone because it deals with Oklahoma's shitty mobile connectivity well.

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