Merlin was digging in the mud this weekend. @Shunammite had to wash him for long time to get the stink off him. #InternationalDogDay

@robert @Shunammite We had to give ours baths after heading to the park this morning. It was a lot more crowded yesterday than today, but we don't normally get to go weekdays to compare.

@david @Shunammite for sure our parks are more active on the weekends. It’s a great place to get his energy out!

@robert @Shunammite I assume Lake Baldwin Park? We're looking for other places that we can safely take them off-leash nearby.

@david @Shunammite yep yep. Local to central Florida? We go to Pawmosa (in Casselberry) the most. Lots of shade and large enough. Mostly nice people.


@robert @Shunammite Lake Baldwin is a lot closer to our house, but our neighborhood isn't bad to walk around in with the dogs generally. But they get a lot out of running around with other dogs

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