I have been purging thousands of old emails that are unnecessary to keep in prep of migrating away from gmail.

The archive keyboard shortcut is 'e', one letter. Delete is '#', which requires two keystrokes to perform.

Subtle cues can shift behavior.

@david You can go to create a filter for the bulk/notification stuff on the web interface and run a search with it. That's how I clear mine out.

@Kye I've dropped about 99% of my personal account mail and about 70% of my business account so far using filters. I am being more methodical with the business one, just in case. I'm just annoyed to realize the extra effort required to do the opposite of what they want.

@david Their "never delete an email again" pitch at the beginning proved to be insidious.

@Kye And like so many others, I only saw it in a positive light, not a negative. Now it doesn't matter, considering they pretty much admit that even after I delete them, they hold onto them forever.

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