I'm trying to get a bit of feedback around content monetization.

Making money on content aggregation sites like Medium is challenging for individual contributors.

What would you want to have in place to get paid: ads, subscriptions, handling it on your own, something else?

@lafnlab That requires a bit more work on part of the individual creator. Do you think that's a good tradeoff overall, or more how it works out in practice? Medium supposedly pays out percentages on engagement, for instance, but that could be gamed. Direct patronage would be harder to do that to, but also harder to manage.

@david I meant to add the caveat that I don't use any content monetization schemes yet.

It depends on what is being monetized. I've heard good things about Patreon, which is why I like that model over ads.

Paid promotions can be good sometimes, though they can be done badly.

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