Hello World. (3/3, yes, I'm done) Blogging seemed...narcissistic. At heart, it's just a need to share and connect, but I was so self-conscious. So, years later, here I am on Mastadon, with no plan, and just this stream-of-consciousness dump. Still too self-conscious. Maybe this post will be gone tomorrow. Maybe this account will be gone tomorrow. Or maybe this will stay up. Maybe I'll find my voice. I have no idea. For one night, it's a worthy experiment.

Hello World. (2/?) I stopped blogging years ago when I switched from writing under a pseudonym to using my real name and ran into that same problem, the basic fear of expressing myself. And then there's the constant anxiety of whether my thoughts merit any attention. I'm old enough to have had a LiveJournal and pre-Facebook personal website, and I always felt like I had a visceral need to share. But then the world caught up, and everyone had a visceral need to share...

Hello World. (1/?) I googled "Alternatives to Facebook" early after getting wound up by another Sleeping Giants post. Oh, right, Mastadon...a coworker was telling me about that once upon a time. Sure, I'll give a try. I've become so reticent to post anything publicly on social media that isn't a pet picture. I locked up my Twitter account after deciding that perhaps I shouldn't limit future employment to organizations who'd find my views distasteful...

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