Es niña de piel frágil,
escamas encantadas,
sangre de fuego.
Es niña de piel frágil,
Recubierta de lazitos
Que endulzan su mirada
Es niña de piel frágil,
Que en las noches no duerme
Y a la luna encanta.



Too much sad feelings are coming back to my body. Maybe the full moon intensifies them . I'm smoking and drinking again 😢

Does anyone has hacked mindflex or similar gadgets for the brain waves?

Hi. My old laptop is broken and I'm planning to build a desk one, mostly for 3d and animation. Any recomendations? Thanks a lot :1up: :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Hi, I'm new here, anyone a freak in cybernetics? :ms_elf:

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