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Intro time

Hi, I'm Travis, newly realized enby, oldly realized pansexual. You can use he/him pronouns or they/them pronouns, and honestly I won't complain if you use some other set. I used to be, but disappeared for a bit.

I like to talk about plants and computers and videogames and anime.

Please tell me if I say something hurtful or insensitive, I want to treat everyone with the love and respect they deserve.

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fwiw, I'm generally cool with people being horny with me or flirting with me. I will unpin and delete this when it ceases to be the case.

Episode 13 of Owl House feels like they realized they had to cover a bunch of plot to make something I'm not to work and a bunch of stuff happens real fast

Weird gender mood 

Wish I was a lot of things in not.
Mostly wish I was smaller and less hairy.
Kinda hard to feel cute when you're big and hairy.
Wish I looked less angry.
I dunno.
Tired of looking like a stereotypical internet asshole.

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Body weight/lewd stuff 

We as a society are in dire need of more NSFW art featuring fat and chubby characters that is not specifically about weight gain kink

Nothing wrong with the kink of course but fat people are cute and hot and I wanna see more of them just kinda existing

I cannot figure out wtf is going on nothing makes sense, I'm taking a nap

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I have two tables that seem to have the same set of ids.
If I look for ids that match the output of a subquery one table has results, the other doesn't.

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Every time I think I know what I'm doing in SQL I run into some shit that makes no sense.

I swear the trackpad on my thinkpad feels infinitely better in Linux than windows.

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The open secret of programming professionally is that all of this stuff is more complex than it needs to be in order to make software that nobody needs.

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the REAL tankie discourse we're all politely avoiding, but must face a reconing on someday 

would you fuck young stalin tho because ngl he's kinda cute.

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you have to accept that you're not special as in somehow better than others but also accept that you're special as in unique and deserving of love

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There are so many Fits in the background of Super Cub

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I love how not cgdct Super Cub is.
Like, it's cute, but it's not moe. There's weight to it.

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Remembered shield tablet.
Watching anime in bed.

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I think my older ups needs new batteries, or to be replaced.

It tanked fast for just having my nas, router, and modern on it.

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Want to watch super cub, but anime is on my computer, which is off, because no power

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Owl House has picked up since the first episode. The plot definitely takes a back seat, but it's a fun show that has some interesting stuff going on.

Kinda expected it to be gayer, but 🤷, it's a Disney show for kids, I'm sure they have a tight leash.

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This is just going to be my bored rambling thread.

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Power went out so there's not a lot to do other than fuck around on my phone.

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