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Hey I'm Riley. I'm a trans musician and gamer who recently started diving more into tech when my desktop decided it didn't need to reliably run 3D graphics in Windows but would run them in Linux Mint just fine. Good to meet everyone; looking forward to finding my way around!

Pleasant surprise of the night: the Reddit Symphony Orchestra as a whole is way more leftist than I expected.

Pretty sure the receding corners of my hairline just took my annoying cowlick with them, so that's a win.

Showing off, Beat Saber 

I have to share my Beat Saber ranking on this song because HOW.

Also yeah it's a terrible photo but I'm not retaking it.

My 5-year-old laptop finally decided to fix whatever was wrong with the primary hard drive. Not sure what brought on the change of heart, but my file system suddenly works properly!

Trans musings 

Stumbled across someone in an online group who knew me pre-transition, and it reminds me: I hold a couple of Women's records in two or three very small races around the area. All were set pre-transition, but I wonder how they'd take knowing that I turned out to not be a woman after all.


Anyone else take testosterone and notice that their caffeine tolerance dropped off the face of the earth sometime after starting HRT?

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Also, holy shit, please try to recruit UI/UX experts into your projects, because until your software is as dead easy to use as the most polished commercial products on Windows and iOS, most people are going to have no interest in using it.

(Hm. Maybe under socialism, your projects would receive funding from society as a whole to permit more work on that end of them!!)

#foss #floss #opensource #linux #gnulinux

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"Free Software", as a movement, is incapable of achieving any of its political goals, and every useful goal it does seek to achieve can only be achieved through the total replacement of capitalism with socialism.

Open software and hardware is theoretically an infinitely better model than our current commercial clusterfuck, but we're only getting universal adoption of that when the profit motive is eradicated.

#foss #floss #linux #gnulinux #opensource

blueberry coffee with maple syrup as the sweetener = βœ”οΈ

After a week and a half of searching online and in physical stores, I've finally located printer ink! Something that most of the state shouldn't have run out of at once, but here we are I guess.

I made a badly calculated decision and now have a total of 3 and a half days to get way better at Mario Kart 8.

Complaining about my job's customers 

Them: "I can't access my camera program"

Me: Ok, what happens when you open it up on your desktop?

Them: "Oh right, I forgot I have to click the desktop icon to open it."


Tea snobbery 

Got a gaiwan recently, so now I can make a bunch of the teas I had sitting around waiting for a pot that isn't my oolong pot πŸ˜€

One thing this quarantine has been fantastic for is providing plenty of time for me to hop randomly from interest to interest learning new things. Currently at work, yet also listening to a Chinese woman teach basic Mandarin.

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It's Adam and Eve because you shouldn't deadname her

My favorite conversation with a customer so far: 

Them: Hey we've been experiencing issues with our camera recordings skipping constantly

Me: Yep, a recent Microsoft update broke the recording program on most customer servers, however we are applying the fix to all affected programs and should have yours recording normally soon.

Them: Can't you predict what a Microsoft update is going to do and apply fixes to your program in advance?

User: I'm having issues downloading this program. It's giving me a bunch of errors and I'm not sure what to do.

Me: Those errors do sound weird. Here's a link to a program that will allow me to take a look at your computer and do some troubleshooting.

User: I don't know what I'm doing wrong but the link doesn't do anything.

Me: πŸ™ƒ

Nothing quite like listening to an ominous soundtrack late at night and having the power cut out lmao

Meanwhile, I absolutely am reading the user guide and watching How To videos, because no the system is not intuitive at all to a first-time user. But hey, it's free if you keep extending the trial...

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Having some very strong opinions toward the guy who recommended Reaper because it's "intuitive and doesn't require watching How To videos to figure out".

I'd love if tech people would remember what it feels like to be new to tech and not make statements like this.

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