Some of our Chromebooks in the school district have a nasty habit of not charging again if you let them completely die. This has been told the parents, faculty, staff, students etc many times. Over vacation, a lot of people left their Chromebooks asleep and not plugged in. They died.

8 tickets so far for a blinking orange power light and nothing on the screen. Fuck.

There is a way to fix it, but it involves opening the device and powering it up without the battery connected, then connecting the battery while it is on.

Not fun. Not safe.

@cody ooo sympathies, that sucks! is this something you figured out on your own, or do you know any decent troubleshooting steps for this kind of thing? we just went 1-to-1 on our first CBs this year, and with that plus all-remote school + high schoolers, we've been having a good amount of hard-to-pinpoint power issues, including some that seem to vanish once we actually get the CB in for troubleshooting, and not much luck finding info beyond "hold down the power button and then RMA it," lol

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