Huh... I edit like 99% of my documents using my Collabora instance through my Nextcloud instance...

There is a way to fix it, but it involves opening the device and powering it up without the battery connected, then connecting the battery while it is on.

Not fun. Not safe.

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Some of our Chromebooks in the school district have a nasty habit of not charging again if you let them completely die. This has been told the parents, faculty, staff, students etc many times. Over vacation, a lot of people left their Chromebooks asleep and not plugged in. They died.

8 tickets so far for a blinking orange power light and nothing on the screen. Fuck.

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Why we block ads. Long. Mild language. 

Tracking, targeted advertising, fingerprinting: This is one of the biggest reasons. Online advertisers use your IP, cookies, what website you viewed them on, your useragent and many other forms of identify information to track you and build a profile of you. This is unacceptable as far as we are concerned.

Speed: Online adverts have a nasty tendency to destroy website load times and even make the website feel slow and bloated. They also often heavily distract from the content that you actually came to see.

Fake ads: Advertising platforms are very poorly moderated. We frequently see ads for fake products, misleading products and some for just straight up fucking scams. Fix your shit advertising platforms.

Malware: This one does not apply as Mich as it used to, but there are still soooo many ads that will offer you badly behaving browser extensions, windows application, Mac applications and offter to speed up your computer or any number of other benefits. You don't need any of theses.

Bandwidth: This one applies to mobile users, and home internet users with bandwidth caps (πŸ–• Comcast). Adverts user up a lot of your pressious bandwidth. They load images, they load scripts, they load all that tracking,l. Some even load videos, flash objects, silver light content and other bandwidth hogging things. Disabling ads can make a website more than HALF the size is some cases. (You're paying to view these ads with your bandwidth!)

Annoying ads: You know the ones. The ones that flash, make sound, move around. Very annoying. The ones that look like the download button you want but actually aren't, the ones that say click here to finish but they actually mean "finish making this purchase that we started for you in this advert" ugh.

If web advertising was more safe, didn't track you, was better optimized, better moderated, less annoying, less misleading and led just overall crap... We'd allow them so that we can do our part to pay for the bandwidth that we used to load your websites, watch your content, download your things etc. But for now with the state of advertising online, no way. UBlock origin is sticking around.

Grab uBlock Origin and protect yourself from all of the above:

Chrome (and Chromium based) (No Mobile)

Firefox and derivatives (Mobile too!)


And more with some tweaking.

#Advertising #Tracking #Malware #Bandwidth #Internet #Web #www #ublock #ublockorigin #malvertising

Huh... Stuck a magnet on one of my network switches and it slowed down to about 4Mb/s symmetrical... I wonder which component inside I pissed off...


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