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swlfie; another EXCC promo post 

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Everyone that goes on this cursed site turns out trans

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Take my hand and let us call each other sister.
Let us be like flowers who happen to grow
side by side in a ditch, we gleam
in the morning dew our petals almost touching,
the lost things who grasp for us
see us as one. We are always measured by the wants of others.
We are so bright.
I wish to know you by the hands of your friends
and how they touch your spine, your hair
as you embrace goodbye and hello.
We are warehouse crew and city pigeons,

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I want video game sound sliders irl, so I can turn humans down and nature ambience up.

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speaking as a trans woman, <screams for approximately an hour>

LDR trans relationship stuff, mh (-) 

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Does anyone have swimsuit suggestions for trans women? I literally have no idea where to start.

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wide image 

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so this month just got worse. after missing work from illness and snow, i am out MY ENTIRE CAR because the motor failed last night

it's not worth replacing (too expensive), so i have to rely on family members and the transit system until we work out a solution

if you're able, you can help by buying a tarot reading through my blog as linked, donating via paypal, or just boosting this post

PAYPAL: [email protected]

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I love computers, they always work and never give me problems

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Townhall; Anti-queer Violence; PDX 

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ok I couldn't find it so I just remade it lol

happy valentine's day, fedi


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