Android keyboard app recommendations? (help) 

@redoak If Pixelfed is overkill, how about Nextcloud/ownCloud?

If that's too heavy, too, maybe something smaller that's client-side-only like reslio Sync? It's not open source, but might work for a bare-bones solution.

@interneteh I have read this four times and still my brain insists you "saw a night librarian".

Darn it, my brain.

@vantablack Oh, frustrating.

It looks as though it's trying to save to a place on your filesystem you may not want it to (the /tmp directory).

Is there a "Save as..." option under the File menu, and if so, can you save it somewhere else?

@matt By the same token, why is "sensible" a word, but not "nonsensible"?

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gender, gender neutral pronouns 

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Is there, somewhere on the net, a queer women-focused radio station? I'd love to be listening to sweet WLW ballads and queer femmes in general. ^_^

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maybe the monster in the dark in the abandoned factory was really just the FAST ORANGE

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#Android question: What's the best way to micromanage volume levels?

For example: I want to listen to podcasts without being interrupted by notifications, or keep notifications low so that they don't blow my ears out when I crank up the system volume for a quiet podcast.


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well. we went back to the factory site.

something happened that we don't understand and made us feel fear for the first time in years

we will tell you about it once we are clear of the area

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chronic illness is like having an invisible vampire that forces you to carry it on your back while it drains all your energy and since no one can see it they think you're making it up

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A long exposure night shot from our few days away in the desert (Prince Albert, Klein Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa). I'd had a loooong-ass day and was suffering from a sinus headache so I couldn't be bothered moving from the stoep of the cottage, and just shot whatever was in frame from that vantage point XD

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom. #Photography

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The gender is coming from *inside the house*!

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Yay. I broke my phone even more by replacing the screen!

I had to order another replacement part, but on the other hand, hey, the screen works great.

My device even has a "removable" battery, if I don't mind wiggling the phone case carefully off so I can slide the tape-encased shattered back out.

I'd consider swapping boards with a locked phone that's in decent shape, so I keep my ROM, but I fear I'll end up with one fewer phone if I keep this up...

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