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Oh my goodness, someone just pointed out that NFTs are exactly the same as the "name a star"/"buy a piece of the moon" scam and suddenly it all makes sense.

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Age Poll!
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Hot gaming take? (No specific game in pertricular) 

@dfstarshine "I want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and I'm not kidding."

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Hot gaming take? (No specific game in pertricular) 

High graphical fidelity in modern video games is nothing but a burden. Massive teams of people are being crunched to make sub-par video games that look shiny but can only run on the highest end hardware. It's expensive, harder to develop and rarely (if ever) results in a better game. 6th-7th gen graphics are good enough in my opinion. I'm getting kinda tired of all the barriers to entry when it comes to video games, it's easy to see why some people (myself included) pretty much stick to retro or indie games nowadays.

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"The witch cursed me!" said the merchant.
"What were her words?" the judge asked.
"She said 'May you have the life you wish upon others' to me!"
The judge looked at the witch. "Are those your words?"
"They are," the witch said.
"That is a blessing," the judge said. "Not guilty."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Hey folks!

In case some of you are unaware, you can mute certain terms using the masto interface!

Go to Settings, then to the Filters section. Then, you can use the Add New Filter button to create a filter for a word.

For example, given what today is, "uspol"

You can also set a time for this to automatically expire. repeat for any other terms you don't want to see for the next bit!

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So, given the meta, I'm actually curious to hear from the folks who use the screen reading software.


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Heyo! It's me, clarjon1! I have a new instance because i accidentally the database.

If folks could be kind enough to signal boost so folks who used to follow me can see this, it'd be much appreciated.

And if not, hey, no big deal :)

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Anyone out there who knows misskey admin stuff that I can poke if i get stuck?

RIP to the connected cat6 network instance iw as running :<

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After seeing @cdmnky 's thread about the tomscott amazing places thumbnail spoofs, i decided to make one myself.

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