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the best way to consume anime is to watch the first two episodes at the behest of a friend, then fall asleep halfway through the third, then a year later have your gf show you the last two episodes at 2 am, then watch just the end of the following movie to explain how incredibly batshit it gets

source: my experiences with puella magi madoka magica

Just leveled up, putting all my earned experience points into the gay stat.

I'm begging you please read anything about socialism I'm losing my mind reading this

"oh hey this gentoo chat seems ok----OH GOD"

yeah idk how much im liking matrix tbh

cn antisemitism

Anybody else remember that Alice Cooper song from the end of Friday the 13th Part VI? No? Okay. Sorry about that.

Yyyeah I should just disable the birdsite crossposter bot, shouldn't I?

Retweeting again a little louder. is my favorite of the current crop, but Warren (and p. much every Dem candidate) is shitty on sex worker rights, which intersects with poverty and therefore trans rights.


Hey guys if you love warren and want to vote for her, that's okay.

But she wants to take away the ability to bank from sex workers. She doesn't think we should have BANK ACCOUNTS.

She wants to starve us and kill us.

So um, maybe get on her about that for us?


Oh my god yes this thread.


It is very late but holy crap, every rewatch of the Cornetto Trilogy underlines harder how those movies work because they simultaneously are great examples of their genre while parodying the hell out of it gleefully while floating on a river of absolute personal *real* darkness.


Dammit, I'm such a Homestuck that I'm now classpecting and .

Kyle's relatively easy:
Jourdain feels more Derse/Prospit ambivalent but also on the Time-Heart-Rage end side of the wheel.


kyle is a taurus, i’m a cancer. astrology people, what’s the verdict?


It's been a year since I tweeted it, but I still want to see that Frodo/Samwise A/B/O Coffeeshop AU.

we have a very precious new boy, meet Danny

literally within minutes of coming home he was comfy and purring and opening up to us and playing with the other cats, I've never seen an animal adjust so fast

just a sweet chaotic dumbass that wants to grab and nibble and kiss #cats #mastocats

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

^ I mourn for those who fail to understand this and futilely force pain and strife on those coming behind us in the name of "fairness."

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