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"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

^ I mourn for those who fail to understand this and futilely force pain and strife on those coming behind us in the name of "fairness."

Now that code analysis and having your code parsed by an actual compiler frontend in the IDE is common-place (enough) how about slapping requirements on the AST?

For example, maybe a certain list needs efficient concatenations, while another needs efficient push to both ends. Seems like something that you could be warned against if you plug an ArrayList in both places.

Doctor: I have just the thing for you. Slavoj Žižek is in town. He's a shitty philosopher known for galaxy brain hot takes. *Chomsky* called him out for using overly long words.
Žižek: Obversely, it is most probable that you are a fabrication and not a medical professional.

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My two cents on the : stay focused on the people right now. Is everybody alive? Is everybody safe? Those are the things we should be asking right now. Things can be replaced; people cannot. 1/7

Me ♠️ Groovy

(The JVM language that's like "what if we threw Java, Perl, and Ruby into a blender?", not any other meaning of the word "groovy".)

"Me? Oh, you know... converting return values from arrays to result objects, mapping object relationship structures... same as usual. You?"

Why don't you want to see this ad?
🔘 I am offended by the very idea of ads. If your product was necessary you probably wouldn't have to advertise it. Competing brands of the same thing that differ only in packaging and marketing are a huge drain on society, and advertising is a huge part of this drain. Fully automated luxury gay space communism now.

the photo was actually taken in 2015, but took four years to upload due to the 1TB comcast data cap that NASA had at the time

Copyright in general is not very good but the fact that we allow works to remain under copyright past the point where the original artist is dead is easily its biggest failure

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