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Amazon just terminated my Associates account and said it will not pay me any outstanding fees it owes me. The reason is "because the content [on @tinynibbes@twitter.com] promotes unsuitable activity." This affects ALL my books and book links everywhere, over a decade of linking.

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Hi Google, you have some strangely specific ideas about which news topics I'm interested in.

You're not wrong, exactly, but they're strange ideas.

The slide of Israel into right-wing authoritarian xenophobia is such a damn tragedy, for so many reasons.

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Israel and Palestine: So complicated!

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90's animated Batman is best Batman. Replies to /dev/null.

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Bruce: "Please. I need it to be different now. I know I made a promise. But I didn't see this coming! I didn't count on being happy.
Please.. Tell me it's okay."

Andrea: "Maybe they already have. Maybe they sent me."

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

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Twitter, this is a cancer drug. Do you know something I don't, or is this one of those "well, if you *do* get melanoma, remember this sequence of 3 random syllables so you can tell your oncologist how to do their job" situations?

a waev of bloo
is kyn dah nyce
i hoep they give
them jerks the slyce

but peipol hungry
and others fed
when all else fails
i chop the hed

I'm feeling a serious game-urge to rewatch eXistenZ while gently caressing and licking my phone.
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