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This product has been certified Farage-compatible

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Keybase is actually pretty neat, now that I've played with it for a few days. Still sad that tech.lgbt isn't on the list of Mastodon instances that it knows about.

"God the Rust community is so peaceful and chill"

Async: "Wait for this"

the best way to consume anime is to watch the first two episodes at the behest of a friend, then fall asleep halfway through the third, then a year later have your gf show you the last two episodes at 2 am, then watch just the end of the following movie to explain how incredibly batshit it gets

source: my experiences with puella magi madoka magica

Just leveled up, putting all my earned experience points into the gay stat.

I'm begging you please read anything about socialism I'm losing my mind reading this

"oh hey this gentoo chat seems ok----OH GOD"

yeah idk how much im liking matrix tbh

cn antisemitism

Anybody else remember that Alice Cooper song from the end of Friday the 13th Part VI? No? Okay. Sorry about that.

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