Dear #Fediverse

We need #Volunteers to organize an #Event and #Training for #EU representatives operating the official @EU_Commission accounts.

A month ago the @EDPS started a pilot for #EUVoice and #EUVideo and launched #Mastodon and #Peertube servers.

Many of you interacted, but also observed that communication can be improved. Less :birdsite: birdsite crossposting, more #accessibilty + image #captions. Knowing the culture, #fediquette and learn to love 💖 our fedi.

Fedi is usually Q2Q software (queer to queer)

The techlgbt signup page makes you fill out a "why do you want to join?" box and half of them are mini cover letters and the other half are just like "im gay" and they're both great

Yes, it's rainbow capitalism. Yes, I brought this notebook home.

I think learning some VS Code keyboard shortcuts might be a good idea.
Hope they won‘t interfere with my JetBrains muscle memory too much.

I wish I could get paid for doing something socially useful or just being gay.

*Me reading CSS-Grid*
- Weird flex but OK

Whenever some arcane C++ feature „clicks“ for me, it seems like one more step on a long, Lovecraftian journey of the mind.

applying to the Uniqueness Control Board for a new batch of UUIDs

I paid a considerable sum of money for a C++ course.

The first 2 lessons of the course are telling me what a great language C++ is and why it would be a good idea to learn it.

Dudes, I KNOW. I paid you money for this thing NOW GET ON WITH IT!

I think it would be fair to describe the creature from the black lagoon as wet and horny.

type of girl who gets sad when her partner has to turn off their file server and she can no longer sync offsite backups with them

Maybe I‘ll give GitPod a try today. The JetBrains integration sounds kind of nice.

designer's personal sites are all like "HIRE ME TO REDEFINE REALITY ITSELF" in big fancy fonts and then you go to a developer's site and it's monospace "I'm Bob. Here's my CV and 3 links to my abandoned projects on GitHub. Also, I have a job."

This guy is more worthy of our attention than the kid whose daddy paid for him to go to almost space.

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